Market Your Business with Free Online Advertising

Just like a market or mall in real life, the internet has its own gathering point for buyers. Yes, a place where people come from allover the world to search for goods and services, only this time it is online. What if you got a space here for free? This is what 10dayads provides.

10dayads is a platform where you post your goods and services for free. It attracts traffic from allover the world, which increases your catchment area. You have a chance to sell to people from allover the world without setting up a shop.

free online advertising

How 10daydas Works

Anyone is at liberty to open the website and create an account. This is an ordinary account where you give your name, address and interest for identification purposes. There are no charges for opening the account and neither is the information sold to third parties. The account helps you to post your wares, track sale and communicate with potential buyers.

With an account, you can now enjoy free online advertising for your goods and services. An account gives you the freedom to post your ads. The ad could be in form of text, images or even a video. This is an assurance that the buyer will have a satisfactory or all rounded view of the items on sale. Provision of different viewing options increases the chances of making a sale.

There are different categories where you can post your items. The categories include antiques or collectables, music, employment (for services), appliances, art, fashion, pets, phones, furniture, baby items, etc. If an item can fit into two categories or more, you are required to tag these categories. There are as many categories as you can imagine.

Categories make it easy for buyers to search your item. One does not have to peruse through the millions of items posted to get what he or she wants. With a simple search, the item will be revealed. In fact, there are both new and old items on sale. It is therefore an open market where you get a front store for free.

Advantages of Using 10dayads

Beyond the fact that the website offers free advertising online and delivers global traffic, there are other benefits you stand to reap from selling your wares here.

  • The ads or items on sale are always fresh. The website is automated to give preference to adds based on their posting day. An item remains posted for only ten days. This means access to high quality and fresh items at all times.
  • Using videos- videos are the future of marketing and advertising. They are more interactive and give a buyer better view of the product. The site allows you to upload a video which increases you chances of selling.
  • Multiple posting- the site allows you to post under different categories. For instance, you can post a necklace under fashion, jewelry, etc. This increases exposure and in the process the chances of making a sale.
  • Local posting- there are items that are best sold to locals because of viewing and shipping logistics. The site allows you to localize your ad and item. People searching for items within a particular jurisdiction will find you easily.

There are features of the website that make it even more attractive to use. Items can be searched online from any location. Each ad has a provision for shipping. It thus acts like a shop. The search is usually very specific making it easier for buyers in particular localities.

The website allows you to share your ad on social networks including facebook, pinterest, twitter, instagram and Google +, among others. This will increase visibility.

There are no commissions charged on making the sale. This means that you retain all the money earned. While you enjoy free business marketing, you can also buy other goods and services. The ads are screened before being broadcast to keep away scams and spam. This guarantees a clean and quality market place for all types of goods and services.

Classified Ads Websites: Online Source of Selling & Buying Used Items

You have probably heard of online marketing and even tried it. You have spent a lot of money on SEO and creating the best e-commerce store yet you have not made any breakthrough. It is time to try classified websites. You may be asking what this means. This is a platform where you post your ad for free. It is a meeting place for buyers and sellers with an assured global traffic.

Classified Ads Website

How different are these websites and what benefits do you get? The websites bring together buyers and sellers from all over the world. This means a wide range of goods and services are available. Just like a mall, it is an attractive meeting point where you buy and sell with confidence.

How do I begin selling on classified ads websites?

The website operates on account basis. This means that you are required to register your account to post an item. The registration process is easy where you are asked to provide your name and email. These personal details are never shared with third parties or used for any other purpose. With an account you are now ready to post your goods and services.

What Can I Sell or Buy?

Buy sell trade websites are open to all goods and services. Doesn’t this mean congestion and the inability to see items on sale? Not really. There are categories where you post an item to ease the search for potential buyers and make your item easy to find. For instance, if you are selling a television set, you can post it under the ‘appliances’ section.

Other sections include toys, pets, fashion, jewelry, used items, travel, education, cars, electronics, music and instruments, adults only, etc. You will also find such services as adult dating, accommodation, local places, community activities and sporting, among others. 10dayads also provides a section for employment. This is a mall with traffic from all over the world and offering everything you can think about.

Localized Services

There is an aspect of localized services where you sell or buy good near you. Buyers want to buy an item from a place that is convenient to transport. The best classified websites allow you indicate the location of the item on sale. A buyer is thus able to make a decision whether to buy or not. The sites are also integrated with shipping and logistic companies to enable you deliver the goods with ease.

How to Create a Free Classified Ad

Your ad is your ambassador online. It will make your item attractive or repel potential sellers. Creating the ad is a very simple process. With your account, you will click on the ‘ad’ section where prompts will emerge. This is where you indicate the name, type of item, the category it will fall under, your location, contact details and the price.

Your ad should be as descriptive as possible. Indicate whether it is new or use. Further indicate the brand, model or series, color and working condition. The best ad has an image of the item on sale. Use high quality camera to take the pictures. You are allowed to use several images. This means that you take images from different angles.

Videos have turnout to be the best selling tools online. Their interactive nature and ability to explain exhaustively make them ever more attractive. Shoot a video of the item on sale. Use adequate lighting and capture as many features as possible. It is even more beneficial to film the item in operation as proof that it is in good working condition. The idea is that when you post free ads on the website, the potential buyer believes in your product.

Free ads websites give you access to global traffic. With the ability to share your post or item on social media, the ad will get to as many people as possible. The website screen ads for spam and scams to protect its reputation and shield buyers. This is your best bet when selling goods or services.

Share Recipes On Classified Websites With Pictures And Video

The internet is now a popular platform for foodies. Almost everyone from beginner to expert level cook reads food recipes online or watches the cooking recipes on video channels like YouTube. People find it fun and entertaining to learn useful cooking tips that could help them in kitchen. Earlier, cooking recipes used to be published only on the cookery websites but nowadays, free classified websites also provide an amazing platform to publish recipes online for the online audience. This is quite new for the online users but it works really great, both for the recipe poster and the intended learners.

Recipes On Classified Website

Share Recipes with Pictures

People searching for recipes of tasty food find it appealing if recipes are accompanied with pictures as well. By looking at the recipe pictures, they get tempted to learn how to prepare it. Attractive images of delicious dishes are more effective in attracting a wide range of audience than the recipes that only have text. Sharing food recipes with pictures interests the online users who also want to see how the cooked recipes looks like after preparation. The picture also gives a fair idea to recipe learners how they can garnish their cooked items by checking out the images.

Share Recipes with Video

In the internet world, people hardly get enough time to sit and read through the recipe text. Reading is time taking as compared to watching videos that hardly takes few minutes to complete. Hence, learning recipe by reading is time consuming and also, it takes more efforts to understand its preparation process in comparison to the video tutorials that are quick and easy to go guides for recipe learners. Visuals are also engaging, interesting and simple to understand than written information. For this reason, posting recipes along with videos is a good method of boosting up traffic as per your target audience.

Share Recipes in Suitable Category

One of the best ways of sharing recipes is to post them on free classified sites. There are a number of US classified websites that have recipes category to submit the yummy recipes. The benefit of posting recipes on classified websites is that you can find a number of sub-categories to choose from. For example, cakes, chicken, pizza, soup, deserts etc. and if you are unable to categories your dish in any of these sub-categories, you can post it in the miscellaneous section. Anyone interested in learning only cakes can go to this section and see all the cake recipes. This makes the process of searching recipes online free from any kind of hassles.

Reach Out to Mass Audience

If you are a blogger and you find it interesting to post recipes online, classified ads websites can be absolutely a great way to get your recipe noticed by thousands of online users. Many people visit classified ads for various requirements and also, classified sites have high visibility in the search engines also. Hence, the recipes you post on the classified websites appear in the Google search results, attracting huge traffic to your posted recipe. Get your recipe featured on the top US classified websites and you will see the difference it makes to boost the number of recipe readers than posting anywhere else.

Find Prospective Clients

Posting the recipes online helps in attracting prospective clients towards your business. If you are a business owner or own a restaurant, posting a link of your website along with the recipe would boost up your business sales to a much greater extent. Also, while reading your submitting recipe, clients may contact you by sending you orders via message option available in the classified ads websites. Hence, this is a good way of promoting your business online for free.

Tips on Sharing Recipes

To get huge benefits, share great recipes on the classified sites. Try to share those recipes that are quite uncommon or highly demanding in the market. People take interest in trying out recipes at home that they are new or they have not tasted them before. Other than this, sharing a video of the recipe would increase the rate of visitors on your posted recipe. You can create a video of the recipe using your smart phone or digital video recorder while you prepare that recipe at your shop. This would also let the potential clients know how you prepare the dishes well. Along with video, do post an image of your dish as well that you would give a pleasing appearance to your post.

Benefits of Sharing Recipes On Classified Websites

Most importantly, the benefit of posting a classified website is that all the recipes are well organized in the respective categories, which creates a great user end experience.  It is a beautiful way of sharing recipes that offers seamless experience for the online user searching for the ways tasty dishes can be prepared. Another very important aspect of sharing recipes is when you can share your posted recipes via social buttons such as Face book, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. which further expands your audience. If the classified website where you have submitted your recipe does not have social buttons, you can simply copy the link of your recipe and share it on the social media channels. In this way, you are able to share that recipe to your friends and family also.

Sharing recipes is a good way of contributing in the online community which has dearth of great recipes. When expert cooks share their recipes online, it reaches out to a crowd of people interested in improving their way of cooking in the kitchen. A very interest thing about sharing recipe on the classified site is that you can get feed backs from the online users. Your recipes can be rated out of the five stars by the online learners and they can post comment as well about your recipes. Through this, you can also come to know which dish is majorly liked by users. As a restaurant owner, you can focus more on such dishes and can include them in your main menu.

Idea For Lead Generation Via Promoted Free Ad Websites

In the digitized world, there are plenty of ways available for generating leads which is the process of sales conversion. By definition, lead generation is about collecting the contact information of potential customers and asking for permissions to contact them regarding your company offers. In the highly competitive marketing environment, it can become confusing for businesses on how to successfully generate leads that convert. There are several strategies for generating leads out of which using the free classified ads website is quite an effective one. Below are mentioned some of the top ideas for lead generation via promoted free ad websites that can lead to inimitable ROI:

Free Ad Websites

Post Multiple Free Classifieds

Post free ads on classified ads websites and you would find it the best economical method of promoting your business. Depending upon your business type, search the appropriate category on the classified site and post a compelling ad. Also, you can post multiple free ads for different products or services you offer in the market. This would expand visibility of your website in a wide range of categories leading to more promotion. For example, if you are a retailer and sell various digital devices such as smart phone, tablet, desktop, laptop and computer accessories, you can post free ads in the five respective categories.

Target Local Buyers

Local buyers are the most potential customers of any business that can’t be ignored at all. For this reason, posting some classifieds on the locations that are nearby your business would work wonder. Many classified sites bring the option of adding area codes. By putting the appropriate area code along with your ad, you can target the local customers easily. However, this does not mean that you should not target global customers. You may post your ads irrespective of the location but you should definitely post ads that are localized.

Post Video Ads

In a study, it has been observed that 65% people are visual learners, which implies that people learn fast about a promoted product or service through a video than textual information. Moreover, since it hardly takes few seconds to minutes to watch a video, it leaves a great impact on the customer’s minds. According to one case study, a video that explains a product has up to 33% chances of lead generation. Hence, posting video ads on classified websites would be more influential and attractive. Engagement is the key to grab customer’s attention and videos work perfectly in the best way to engage the customers and inspire them to take action.

Create Compelling Content for Ads

Content is the king for making your business to persuade your customers to buy your services or products. Spend time effectively to brainstorm for the right content. Before you start writing the content of your ad for classified websites, think about your target audience, know their needs and create an incredibly useful content. Your content should speak about the reality and should not appear as if you are misguiding the consumers. Also, content should be diversely designed according to each sales cycle. For instance, there may be consumers who just want to know about basic details of your product but there may be some who would like to get deep into the technical specifications of your product. Hence, you should develop ad content that pleases every type of customer.

Add Call to Action

In every type of website ad, it is mandatory to leave your business contact information. Including your website address, email address, phone number and toll-free number in your classified ad can make your business fully accessible to the customers. Apart from this, adding good contact details about your business builds trust and credibility in the eyes of customers. While you do so, it is also essential to update your website since customers would like to visit your website to know more about your business or in other words, it would act as a mirror for your business. Ads posted on free classified ads website enable you to introduce your website to your customers but at the end, it is your website that would compel the customers to call you.

Make sure you have call to action on your website as well. Your landing page should have all the required information and it should be user-friendly also. Make sure there are no issues in your installed shopping carts and all the payment methods are properly included in your web page.

SEO Optimized your Ads

There can’t be a better method of increasing visibility of your ads than SEO optimizing your website. In your ad content, you can include the keywords and repeat them by keeping 1-3% density. You will see that your ad would not only be shown higher in the free ad website but in the search engine results as well. Thus, it would be a great idea of free online advertising when you write SEO optimized content for your classifieds.

Include Social Media Links

Social media is the biggest platform nowadays to find potential customers. Face book, Twitter and LinkedIn are the topmost social media channels where millions of users have registered themselves. Leaving links of your official pages of these social media channels can leads to free online advertising of your business.

Other than this, since the users may be visiting your social media pages, you need to ensure that you have been updating them on a regular basis. Publish attractive posts with images on your social pages and engage with users online. Replying to comments by users and sharing useful posts for your target audience definitely improve the reputation of your business allowing the customers to call you for further details of your services.

Apart from the above ideas, keep on building up new leads through email marketing campaigns, answering customer’s questions on forums, holding online events, conducting online seminars, participating in discussion forums, content marketing, social media bookmarking, posting on communities at Google+ or Face book groups, publishing brochures, articles, blogs, presentations online which can have a great effect on your brand reputation assisting you with indirect lead generation.

Tendayads – A Digital Goods Marketplace

Digital Marketplace

Online presence is quickly picking up the pace not only among small organizations and start-ups but among individuals as well. Having a business on the digital goods marketplace on the web can boost up your revenues like anything. There are millions of people using the internet nowadays which can be an excellent source of finding potential customers to your business. is one of such fabulous online marketplaces where sellers and buyers can interact with each other easily. It is a free classified website where people interested in buying or selling things online can meet with each other with no cost involved.


As stated earlier, it is common place to exchange goods between buyers and sellers. It is one of the best classified sites on the web that offers a wide range of categories available for those interested in posting advertisements about their business. If you visit the website, you can find sub-categories as well which are beautifully organized on the website and it becomes very easy for the user to find the right category where you can place ads.

Tendayads for Sellers

Sellers who do not own their website can find it advantageous to register themselves on the website and advertise their business goods and services online. This online presence would definitely help them to promote their products and increase their sales. Apart from this, the sellers who already have online presence can also benefit from posting ads on this website as they are able to gain extra revenue from running their ads here. Hence, all kinds of sellers from any business can create their profiles on the website and start posting ads with no cost at all.

Tendayads for Buyers

10DayAds is not only suitable for sellers but offers great advantages to buyers as well. Anyone who likes to buy a product from one of the categories such as furniture, phone, appliance etc. or anybody who is interested in availing services, for example, graphic designing services, legal services, business opportunities etc., can visit the particular category to buy these products or services. The most exemplary thing about 10DayAds is that you find so many sub-categories to choose from that the website appeals you a lot whether you a buyer or a seller.

Product Categories at 10DayAds

Several categories including sub-categories are available on the website. Antiques & collectibles, employment, music/records/CDs, appliances, art, fashion and others are the main broad categories from where you can find sub-categories as well. For example, under the electronics main category, you can find audio, batteries, gadgets, GPS, industrial etc. as the sub-categories to choose from in order to place your ad well. Let’s say, you want to sell your gadget online. You can first go to electronics category and under that, click on gadgets and then post your advertisements. The one who is interested in buying a gadget will click on that link and can easily find the one he is interested in.

Features for Buyers and Sellers

10DayAds has several well-organized features that create a wonderful online market platform for all types of audiences. The first and most important feature is that it you can post your ad not only in the text form along with pictures but you can include video also along with the ad. Adding video is not a commonly found feature in classified websites and this is why it makes the difference for the users of this website. Another unique feature about this online market interface is that sellers are able to get feedbacks also from the buyers who can rate their availed service or purchased product. After receiving good star rating about your business, your chances of gaining more customers get increased because when they see star rating and good feedback given by previous buyers, they build trust for the sellers. Thus, it is a good interface for doing business online and getting yourself promoted as a seller.

Advantages to Sell/Buy Digital Goods on 10DayAds

10DayAds offers an outstanding platform to sell or buy the digital goods online. The biggest advantage of trading at this website is that it is absolutely 100% free to post ads on this website. As compared to the other classified sites where users also have to purchase premium plans to post advertisements and they offer very limited features for posting free ads, 10DayAds is completely free and charges no money from either buyer or seller. Another great thing is that it provides 100% satisfaction to the users whether they are buyers or sellers.

One of the challenges that sellers face is that since the traffic to classified website is not high, sellers are not able to attract enough customers. But 10DayAds is such a sell/buy digital goods website that it lets you to connect to the online users on a global platform where your posted ads get viewed by thousands of users online. The website of 10DayAds attracts new visitors on a daily basis with huge traffic from across the globe. So, this is an extremely big advantage for the users that they can do business with not only local people but internationally as well.

Other than this, sellers are able to post not only in one location but they can post the same ad to multiple locations to increase visibility of their business. This is actually one of the common hurdles faced by sellers that they though want to expand the area where they want to post ads in order to attract more customers but they are unable to do so since they get a drop down menu on the website where they can choose only one location. But 10DayAds overcomes this hurdle by allowing the sellers to post in multiple locations at once without having to post the ads again and again for different locations.

On the whole, 10DayAds is just the right website to explore if you are a seller or a buyer and you should definitely take more and more advantage of it by registering on this website since it is completely free of cost.


5 Things To Avoid When Running A Classified Website

Running a classified website is as competitive as running any other website. The growing number of online users has made the classified business quite lucrative. Nowadays, starting a website is not a big challenge but making it successful is definitely challenging. Before stepping into this field, you should have the clear ideas of the challenges that you may need to face as well as the things you should avoid for making your business a successful one. Let us understand and analyze what are the things you should be careful of while running a classified website:

  1. Not Focusing on Intensive Marketing

A website without marketing has no existence on the web. SEO which stands for search engine optimization is a crucial factor involved in online marketing. Your classified site should stand among the top classified sites when users search in Google. Being placed in the first and second pages in the search results of Google would attract a lot of traffic towards your website and you can find various potential clients as well in this way.

Hence, if you are not focusing on online marketing of your website, you are making a big mistake. Try investing some amount in this area by hiring an SEO or Online Marketer who can assist you to boost up keyword ranking of your website in the search engines. You may invest your funds according to your budget and let yourself be marketed online on a monthly basis.

  1. Not Paying Attention on Website Speed

Users interested in posting classified ads just hate those sites that keep on loading and loading. Some sites get hung in between or have a lot of website issues that make the end user experience an extremely tedious one. If your website is too slow to load correctly, you would be losing out potential users and reputation of your site on the internet would not be good enough.

Get your website checked by a web developer and remove all those website structures that reduce the speed of your website on the web. Other than this, you can also verify the mobile loading speed and mobile interface of your website because many people prefer using mobiles for submitting classified ads nowadays.

  1. Not Monitoring Spam Listings on your Website

One of the key issues that free advertising sites experience is that many people start posting spam listings as these are free of cost. Though allowing to post for free is definitely a good strategy to grab thousands of users who like to register on the classified site but the site admin should monitor the listings as well to avoid spam content being posted on the site.

Submission of spam listings lowers down the popularity and reputation of the classified site. Thus, as an owner of free advertising sites, you should avoid permitting spam classifieds on your website in order to build trust in the eyes of your potential users.

  1. Not Analyzing Competitors Before Launching your Website

Running classifieds online is a huge business now that attracts massive audience to post classified ads including buyers and sellers. There are already many giant players in the market such as Craigslist, Gumtree etc. that one cannot avoid. However, there is always a key to establish yourself as a newbie if you intend to provide a better product for your potential customers.

It is not at all impossible to find a space in the highly competitive market when you have the idea of what advantage your classified site is going to bring for the online users. Before running your classified business, it is always better to analyze competition in the market in order to provide improved and quality services to your customers.

  1. Not Running a Blog on your Website

Many classified site owners do not consider it important to run a blog on their website. There are many reasons why you should have a blog on your website. A blog is, first of all, a platform where you update new content every week. From SEO point of view, it adds a lot of value towards website ranking if content on a website stays fresh and updated. Another advantage of adding a blog is that it attracts traffic to a website. Users who read posts online on blogs prefer using those websites that have an active blog. It is one of the important aspects of brand building as well. Thus, posting blog posts on your website really boosts up your business and its marketing on the web.

Apart from all the above things to avoid for successfully running your classified site, there are many other things to be kept in mind. One aspect is the belief that you do not need to consider targeting a niche and you can rather keep it wide or open for broad areas such as Asia, US, worldwide etc.

Though there is nothing wrong in believing so, but niches or local areas should also not be completely avoided for targeting. First, you may get in touch with the local suppliers or dealers and let them post on your website. Constant and regular posting from such publishers would increase visibility and trustworthiness among the users in your area. And afterwards, when you get your website reviewed with good star rating, you can widen its promotion to other parts of the world as well.

It is not about limiting yourself to a particular geographical location but strategically targeting the area for expanding it with time. Of course, you can go ahead with niche marketing if you have big investors to fund your project. Overall, you should start with a particular niche and broaden your business scope further to build it to as much larger extent as possible. Remember that building a website is easy but running it well and generating good revenue take time as well as efforts while you also need to consider some essential tips in your mind to avoid major pitfalls before launching your business in the world of advertising

ads online

Place Ads Online To Promote Small As Well As Large Business

It is often said that a business cannot have existence without marketing. Nowadays, there are various forms of promoting products or services of a company. Whether the business has an only online presence such as e-commerce site or both online as well as offline such as a restaurant that sells fast foods in the local area which displays its food products online as well to reach the online audience. Whatever the business may be and whatever its size may be, placing an advertisement online works wonders. (more…)

free advertise

Advertise Your Product Online For Free

Online advertising can be difficult and attracts a lot of investment in terms of money and resources. It can be daunting for you to promote your products in your chosen niche market. In order to avoid such hefty costs, why don’t you advertise your product online at for free? (more…)


Why Your Marketing Plan Should Include Classified Ads

Are you looking for ways to increase traffic to your website or blog? Are you searching for a cost-effective approach to boost exposure and overall digital marketing campaign? You are in the right place. Here, you will understand what classified ads are and explore their importance. Discover how to incorporate them into your digital campaign for increased traction. (more…)

classified ads

Secrets Behind a Successful Classifieds

Classified ads are short, succinct and straightforward advertisements that were traditionally carried in newspapers, magazines and other print media. With the advent of digital technology, they are common in websites and online platforms. Studies suggest that 50% of all Internet visitors browse classifieds websites at least once a week.


If you are looking for ways to make your online classifieds successful, you have come to the right place. Firstly, identify enlisters and directories that are relevant to your niche and authenticate them. Some classifieds websites may be relevant for a restaurant but not for a health clinic.

Secret #1: Add Great Content

This is perhaps your biggest challenge after short listing the websites where you want your classifieds to appear. Here, meta data needs to be persuasive, deep and converting. The saying that ‘content in digital communication is king’ perhaps applies here more than it does elsewhere. After all, you are competing with thousands of other businesses for a limited number of eyeballs.

Meta data includes images of your products, services and business. It also includes the description and pricing of your services or products. Tell your audiences where your store, business or company is based as well as its rating. If you are able to capture these in a clear-cut way, you are on your way to defeating competition. Ensure that you use target keywords generously and naturally.

Secret #2: Use Free Advertising

Most sites require an easy and straightforward submission procedure for ads. These are especially useful if your competitors are not already using them. While some are free, most will request a submission fee from you. As they are affordable, test a few of these and learn their impact.

It makes sense to exploit all free avenues before embarking on a paid campaign. Capitalize on free classified websites that realize most traffic. With time, you will graduate into PPC having understood the basics of advertising in each platform of specific niches.

Secret #3: Explore Paid Advertising

Online enlisters broadcast winning ads to the highest number of audiences. However, do not plunge into paid advertising unless you are convinced that this avenue actually translates to views. It is futile to pay and have no response. It is more prudent to fail to connect with prospective customers with a free classified than with a PPC ad.

Be careful with PPC. You may end up depleting your budget with little or no credible audience pulled to the classified ads. For example, people are likely to click on the ad only to hit the back button if they do not find what they are looking for. To reduce or eliminate this problem, ensure that the ads are specific to products or services.

Secret #5: Do Not Forget Traditional Strategies

For you to hit success with classified ads, treat them as you would treat any other online communication. For example, make the click and redirecting process simple, user friendly and interesting. If people have to go through numerous processes for navigation, know that your classified ads are not user friendly.

Use photo and infographic ads to increase attention to the ads and trustworthiness to your business. Include local ads powered by geographical targeting so that local customers find you easily. Clean up and update old or expired ads for users to have better experience. Do not clutter ads in a way that is likely to confuse or frustrate searchers.

Secret #6: Social Media

Embed social media buttons on your classified ads websites so that audiences can share and like. Such backlinks not only increase the number of people who actually see your classifieds; they increase your page rankings on search engine results pages. Examples are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Google +.

Linking the classified ads to social networks encourages people to share or mention your business, product or service to their friends, family, colleagues and followers. Ensure that the content has a great first impression. Remember that online traffic has less than 5 seconds to decide whether to continue reading web content or to hit the back button.


The greatest secret to success in a classifieds is creating content with outstanding depth. Make genuine, unique, diverse and original listings in your particular niche. People should regard you as the ultimate one-stop shop for a particular niche.