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Among the many ways in which Internet has touched our lives for the better, the manner in which you buy and sell your stuff ranks right up there at the top. Online classifieds have transformed every household, so much so that as soon as an item reaches a stage where the owners begin to consider discarding it, it ends up being listed for sale on a classifieds website. On similar lines, every product purchase is preceded by a price and availability check at a reliable online classifieds website. 10DayAds is a recent sensation, and is not just one more online classifieds website added to the vast pool of such services. There are so many good online classifieds services out there that offer one or the other special feature; 10DayAds takes the best of all worlds and puts all the ingredients together to cook up a truly great service. All this builds upon the unique concept of ads being active for a limited period of 10 days, which goes a long way in ensuring that users find updated classifieds frequently. Here’s more on how 10DayAds is a one stop shop for all your buying and selling within your area.

Sell with ease using 10DayAds’ superb ad creation tool
A great ad is the first step towards selling your stuff that you don’t need anymore. Of course, you could even sell your store’s products online through 10DayAds’ superb classifieds services. You can find the option for placing an ad right from the home page. Adding all the product specifications is easily managed with the ad builder from 10DayAds. All you need to do in order to have an attractive advertisement ready for your products is to fill out the Ad creation page with all the details and then post it for the users to see. Here’s the real deal – you can add images as well as videos in your advertisements, which makes 10DayAds stand in a different and brighter light as compared to other online classifieds. When prospects see your products in action through the video, the chances of them making an inquiry for the product increase to a great extent. What’s more, you can post your ads for multiple locations, thus multiplying the visibility of the ad manifolds.

Buying with 10DayAds – a fulfilling experience
10DayAds has as much for buyers as it has for sellers. Finding just the product you want is a breeze with the detailed categorization tags and filters that this service uses. Also, since the classifieds are allowed a limited time period of 10 days to be visible on the website, buyers can be assured of always having newer product posts for them, which is unlike several classifieds websites that quickly get suffocated with obsolete posts. The anti-spam features offered by 10DayAds also go a long way in ensuring a rewarding as well as secure purchasing experience for buyers. Indeed, 10DayAds is one complete and comprehensive platform connecting buyers and sellers across the globe.

Bobby D

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