An Overview on Facebook live Videos

The progress in technology never ends and this is best revealed by the very renowned company Facebook with the launch of its new feature of Facebook live videos. The benefit of watching the videos live on this very social site has made its users much excited and gleeful. The real time posts by any of your friend or acquaintances make you quite excited and getting the live video posts will be like an icing on the sugar thing for the regular Facebook users. This is really going to attract a large mass and make them severe addictive to its use. The company is answering to all the doubts of its users with one after another application being introduced for the users of any platform as desktop, android or ios. With the exhibit of new features so quickly, the traffic generated to the social site is considerable and getting more new account users with each passing day. These live videos posted by any of the public figure in your account will be added in your news feed and you can easily acknowledge any new video update.


To get the subscription of any live broadcast of any video, simply click on the Subscribe option while streaming of any live video to get yourself notified whenever the live streaming is being started again. To get the live video notification on your desktop, go to the top right corner and click on Settings option reaching to the notifications and turning on the notification options. One can also customize various options of live streaming of videos on Facebook. One can broadcast any video for not more than 90 minutes and stopping the video will leave it on your timeline only. The format provided for the video to be posted must be of 720pixels at 30 frames per second. One can also block certain users to view your video as per your wish by clicking on the option provided next to the video for a better viewership.

To make your acquaintances know about your live video, inform them when you will be broadcasting the video live in your account. Having a strong internet connection is a dire necessity to get your video live. If your signals will be low, the live video option will be grayed out resisting you from making your video live. Making your friends acquire a better knowledge of your live video, it is advisable to provide a catchy caption and a bit explanation. More duration of the live video will increase your chances of catching you live by your Facebook friends. Engaging people towards your video can be probably elevated by going frequently live in your specified account.

The live streaming feature of the site can not only be used by the people for the fun and entertainment but, it is a great business tool. The business marketing managers can advertise their products with the live streaming feature to showcase the real time manufacture of their products or any event being ongoing in their work places. It is one of the most proficient places to inform people about your various activities that can make you gain a large number of audiences to avail to your services.

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