5 Things To Avoid When Running A Classified Website

Running a classified website is as competitive as running any other website. The growing number of online users has made the classified business quite lucrative. Nowadays, starting a website is not a big challenge but making it successful is definitely challenging. Before stepping into this field, you should have the clear ideas of the challenges that you may need to face as well as the things you should avoid for making your business a successful one. Let us understand and analyze what are the things you should be careful of while running a classified website:

  1. Not Focusing on Intensive Marketing

A website without marketing has no existence on the web. SEO which stands for search engine optimization is a crucial factor involved in online marketing. Your classified site should stand among the top classified sites when users search in Google. Being placed in the first and second pages in the search results of Google would attract a lot of traffic towards your website and you can find various potential clients as well in this way.

Hence, if you are not focusing on online marketing of your website, you are making a big mistake. Try investing some amount in this area by hiring an SEO or Online Marketer who can assist you to boost up keyword ranking of your website in the search engines. You may invest your funds according to your budget and let yourself be marketed online on a monthly basis.

  1. Not Paying Attention on Website Speed

Users interested in posting classified ads just hate those sites that keep on loading and loading. Some sites get hung in between or have a lot of website issues that make the end user experience an extremely tedious one. If your website is too slow to load correctly, you would be losing out potential users and reputation of your site on the internet would not be good enough.

Get your website checked by a web developer and remove all those website structures that reduce the speed of your website on the web. Other than this, you can also verify the mobile loading speed and mobile interface of your website because many people prefer using mobiles for submitting classified ads nowadays.

  1. Not Monitoring Spam Listings on your Website

One of the key issues that free advertising sites experience is that many people start posting spam listings as these are free of cost. Though allowing to post for free is definitely a good strategy to grab thousands of users who like to register on the classified site but the site admin should monitor the listings as well to avoid spam content being posted on the site.

Submission of spam listings lowers down the popularity and reputation of the classified site. Thus, as an owner of free advertising sites, you should avoid permitting spam classifieds on your website in order to build trust in the eyes of your potential users.

  1. Not Analyzing Competitors Before Launching your Website

Running classifieds online is a huge business now that attracts massive audience to post classified ads including buyers and sellers. There are already many giant players in the market such as Craigslist, Gumtree etc. that one cannot avoid. However, there is always a key to establish yourself as a newbie if you intend to provide a better product for your potential customers.

It is not at all impossible to find a space in the highly competitive market when you have the idea of what advantage your classified site is going to bring for the online users. Before running your classified business, it is always better to analyze competition in the market in order to provide improved and quality services to your customers.

  1. Not Running a Blog on your Website

Many classified site owners do not consider it important to run a blog on their website. There are many reasons why you should have a blog on your website. A blog is, first of all, a platform where you update new content every week. From SEO point of view, it adds a lot of value towards website ranking if content on a website stays fresh and updated. Another advantage of adding a blog is that it attracts traffic to a website. Users who read posts online on blogs prefer using those websites that have an active blog. It is one of the important aspects of brand building as well. Thus, posting blog posts on your website really boosts up your business and its marketing on the web.

Apart from all the above things to avoid for successfully running your classified site, there are many other things to be kept in mind. One aspect is the belief that you do not need to consider targeting a niche and you can rather keep it wide or open for broad areas such as Asia, US, worldwide etc.

Though there is nothing wrong in believing so, but niches or local areas should also not be completely avoided for targeting. First, you may get in touch with the local suppliers or dealers and let them post on your website. Constant and regular posting from such publishers would increase visibility and trustworthiness among the users in your area. And afterwards, when you get your website reviewed with good star rating, you can widen its promotion to other parts of the world as well.

It is not about limiting yourself to a particular geographical location but strategically targeting the area for expanding it with time. Of course, you can go ahead with niche marketing if you have big investors to fund your project. Overall, you should start with a particular niche and broaden your business scope further to build it to as much larger extent as possible. Remember that building a website is easy but running it well and generating good revenue take time as well as efforts while you also need to consider some essential tips in your mind to avoid major pitfalls before launching your business in the world of advertising

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Place Ads Online To Promote Small As Well As Large Business

It is often said that a business cannot have existence without marketing. Nowadays, there are various forms of promoting products or services of a company. Whether the business has an only online presence such as e-commerce site or both online as well as offline such as a restaurant that sells fast foods in the local area which displays its food products online as well to reach the online audience. Whatever the business may be and whatever its size may be, placing an advertisement online works wonders. (more…)

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Secrets Behind a Successful Classifieds

Classified ads are short, succinct and straightforward advertisements that were traditionally carried in newspapers, magazines and other print media. With the advent of digital technology, they are common in websites and online platforms. Studies suggest that 50% of all Internet visitors browse classifieds websites at least once a week.


If you are looking for ways to make your online classifieds successful, you have come to the right place. Firstly, identify enlisters and directories that are relevant to your niche and authenticate them. Some classifieds websites may be relevant for a restaurant but not for a health clinic.

Secret #1: Add Great Content

This is perhaps your biggest challenge after short listing the websites where you want your classifieds to appear. Here, meta data needs to be persuasive, deep and converting. The saying that ‘content in digital communication is king’ perhaps applies here more than it does elsewhere. After all, you are competing with thousands of other businesses for a limited number of eyeballs.

Meta data includes images of your products, services and business. It also includes the description and pricing of your services or products. Tell your audiences where your store, business or company is based as well as its rating. If you are able to capture these in a clear-cut way, you are on your way to defeating competition. Ensure that you use target keywords generously and naturally.

Secret #2: Use Free Advertising

Most sites require an easy and straightforward submission procedure for ads. These are especially useful if your competitors are not already using them. While some are free, most will request a submission fee from you. As they are affordable, test a few of these and learn their impact.

It makes sense to exploit all free avenues before embarking on a paid campaign. Capitalize on free classified websites that realize most traffic. With time, you will graduate into PPC having understood the basics of advertising in each platform of specific niches.

Secret #3: Explore Paid Advertising

Online enlisters broadcast winning ads to the highest number of audiences. However, do not plunge into paid advertising unless you are convinced that this avenue actually translates to views. It is futile to pay and have no response. It is more prudent to fail to connect with prospective customers with a free classified than with a PPC ad.

Be careful with PPC. You may end up depleting your budget with little or no credible audience pulled to the classified ads. For example, people are likely to click on the ad only to hit the back button if they do not find what they are looking for. To reduce or eliminate this problem, ensure that the ads are specific to products or services.

Secret #5: Do Not Forget Traditional Strategies

For you to hit success with classified ads, treat them as you would treat any other online communication. For example, make the click and redirecting process simple, user friendly and interesting. If people have to go through numerous processes for navigation, know that your classified ads are not user friendly.

Use photo and infographic ads to increase attention to the ads and trustworthiness to your business. Include local ads powered by geographical targeting so that local customers find you easily. Clean up and update old or expired ads for users to have better experience. Do not clutter ads in a way that is likely to confuse or frustrate searchers.

Secret #6: Social Media

Embed social media buttons on your classified ads websites so that audiences can share and like. Such backlinks not only increase the number of people who actually see your classifieds; they increase your page rankings on search engine results pages. Examples are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Google +.

Linking the classified ads to social networks encourages people to share or mention your business, product or service to their friends, family, colleagues and followers. Ensure that the content has a great first impression. Remember that online traffic has less than 5 seconds to decide whether to continue reading web content or to hit the back button.


The greatest secret to success in a classifieds is creating content with outstanding depth. Make genuine, unique, diverse and original listings in your particular niche. People should regard you as the ultimate one-stop shop for a particular niche.


How to Post Video Classified Ads

Videos ads have been termed as the best way to sell the product. It takes a minute for your buyer to understand what is on offer. A one minute video will beat pages of description. After all, one can see the quality and features and thus does not need an explanation. How, then do you post video ads on  the classified websites ?

Does the Site Accept Videos Classified Ads ?

Not all classified websites accept videos as part of your post. Inquire and test whether a video will be accepted. Check the size of file allowed for upload as well as the format such a video should be prepared. The video may be accepted as part of a bigger advert that includes photos and descriptions. Sites that accept videos are usually bulky. Provide an option for visitors to view the video without compromising on the message. Consider the languages of your target clients so that the video addresses their concerns.

Prepare a Quality Video

A video clip will only enhance your advert if it is of high quality. How do you make the video effective in passing the message?

  • Professional shooting– Engage a professional photographer to prepare video for you. This guarantees good lighting, the right perspective, good highlights and professional editing. All the important details of your products will be captured.
  • Right length– The standard video for an ad should not exceed five minutes. It should capture all crucial and convincing details within the first two minutes. Allow the viewer to replay further ensure that it includes contact details.
  • Right format– videos come in different formats depending on target viewing platforms. Your potential clients will view your ad through desktops, laptops, mobile devices, etc. Prepare your video in a format that it can be viewed on all these platforms.
  • Include captions– captions enhance the viewing experience. They give explanations where the audio or visual aspects are deficient. They may be done in a different language if your target customers are bilingual. Captions may also include directions, highlights and other aspects that will make it easier to understand what is on sale.
  • Be creative– videos are very captivating when used in advertising. Prepare your advert in such a way that it leaves an impression. Avoid repeating word by word of what is contained in your description. This will be mundane to viewers and visitors. Make the presentation as memorable as possible.

Include a Description

A video along will not popularize your ad. Online video ads must be accompanied by a description. Thus it is important, especially for search engines. Since the content of the video ads is impossible to capture by search engine spiders, the description will make the video or ad easier to capture.

The description accompanying the video must be brief and to the point. It must also capture the important aspects of the product on offer. Include contact details and directions on where your product can be viewed. The description may also include pictures taken using a quality and professional camera as well as from a perfect angle.

There are limitations to using videos. A perfect video will not sell a bad product. On the other hand, a terrible video will send the wrong impression to potential buyers. Pay attention to the quality and appreciate the power of using videos.


Audio Quality

The quality of audio accompanying your video should be high. Record the audio in a professional studio and have it edited to enhance its quality. The images and audio must be synchronized in order to have an impact. Understand the communication language of people targeted by the ad and video. This makes it easier to pass the message. Where multiple languages are used, a viewer should be given an option.


Posting the Video

The use of video classified ads should be strategic. Do not begin with the video at the top. Align your content such that a reader will automatically click on the video upon perusing through the available literature or description. Make the video ads is relevant to your product or advert. Use a caption to make the video easier to capture during a search. With the right length, the quality of Video and description, you will easily capture the attention of potential buyers and make money online.


Best Places to Buy Sell Trade Online

As more people begin to look online for goods and services, advertising takes center stage. There are thousands of buyers looking for the exact product you are selling, but if you remain invisible they will not find you. List you products on top buy sell trade websites to increase your chances of finding clients. These sites are open for vehicles, jobs, real estate, computers, books, services, travel and vacation, rentals, etc. With thousands of sites offering free classified ads, how do you choose the best?

  • Free Listing

Free listing websites are the best when buying or selling goods online. They enjoy more traffic which translates into more exposure. The sites also attract a large number of buyers and sellers. This translates into more variety especially for goods. It increases the likelihood of getting the goods or services you are looking for. Since the websites do not make money through listing, they go out of their way to increase visibility. They are proactive in attracting visitors and thus increase your chances of getting a buyer.

  • High Ranking

Consider the ranking of classified websites. Websites are classified based on traffic, user experience, number of goods listed, etc. There are organizations that monitor and award such websites based on the quality of services they provide. Check ranking by associations that have no interest in classified ad websites. They give an independent review which makes their ranking more reliable. You may also check reviews by users to establish their experience and opinion.

  • Rich Features

Check the features offered by a website to both sellers and buyers. It is the features that determine the user experience. For sellers, consider the size of advert, the categories available, check out system, etc. For a buyer, the site must provide details on how to access, vet advertisers or sellers to avoid scams, provide a secure buying platform, etc. The features provided should also be location specific. This allows you to find buyers and sellers near you area with ease. A good site should also give priority to recent adverts. A time limit for placing the add ensures that an advert remains relevant or is updated. As such, a buyer will get exactly what is advertised.

  • Better Commissions

Some classified websites work on the basis of commission. Buyers who want more details about a particular good or service have to pay a commission. Sellers also have to pay a commission to sell their wares. Such websites are preferred because they only attract serious buyers and sellers. However, the percentage of commission should be reasonable. It should be based on the value of goods or services offered. The website must also work extra hard to advertise itself in order to attract more traffic, buyers and sellers. Sites that offer free advertising online attract more visitors. However, those that charge a commission to buyers and sellers attract quality traffic.

  • Variety of Goods

The best online market place is where a client has endless options. A classified ad website should allow all manner of goods and services to be sold. To differentiate these goods and services, categories are introduced. There are general categories that capture such items as furniture, vehicles, computers, electronics, phones, etc. These categories further narrow into specific brands, uses, years of manufacture, prices, etc. Such categorization makes it easier to search for your preferred goods or services from any angle. When searching for goods, the categories should inform you whether the goods are new or used. Categories like location also allow you to consider delivery or shipping cost and thus calculate the actual cost.

  • Security

Security on the internet is becoming increasingly important. You search details should remain confidential. Find a site that does not reveal your personal details as well. Where payments are made through the site or through integrated checkout systems, financial security must be guaranteed. The security of the buyer or seller must be guaranteed through awareness and vigorous campaigns. Security includes tracking transactions and engagements to keep away fraudsters.


Whenever you are looking for a place to buy, sell or trade, consider the value for money you get from such a site. The quality of products, buyers and sellers will also guarantee a good experience. Check out reviews on the highest ranked sites before posting your advert.


Facebook Ads Are Profitable or Not?

Given that most marketers often look for ways to take advantage of free online advertising, it is no surprise that a significant number of marketers have turned to Facebook advertising because it is cheap. However, many people often ask whether Facebook Ads are profitable or not, but the answer to this question will depend on a number of things. For starters, most marketers who have tested Facebook ads, particularly in their initial days, tend to be skeptical about the effectiveness of Facebook advertising. However, this is not necessarily the case because the success of any marketing efforts on Facebook will depend on whether the types of strategies used are suitable for the business and whether you are using the best practices. In addition, success will depend on whether you can avoid some of the most common blunders marketers make when advertising on Facebook. Read on to find out!! (more…)


Most Effective Marketing Technique For Business

Nowadays, it is almost impossible to imagine a company or even a small local business operating without having at least a website with basic information about its location, hours, products and services. Without a website, it means your business will not have access to the growing number of potential customers who first use the internet when they need to make a purchase decision. Moreover, social media presence is absolutely vital, and the need for good search engine optimization (SEO) cannot be underestimated. But while all these might seem overwhelming, the technology has transformed to the point where we now have several inexpensive and even free advertising sites online tools and resources. Here are a few examples of effective marketing techniques for business on the internet.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Ad Networks

PPC Ad Networks have made it very straightforward when it comes to reaching the target audience. While this avenue cannot be classified under free advertising online, it has been very effective for numerous businesses. It is also inexpensive since you only pay when you get results. PPC Ad networks offer some of the most effective techniques for businesses as they help to connect advertisers with publishers seeking to occupy their ad positions. According to some industry sources, some of these paid advertising sites receive billions of searches each month, which means they must be really on to something. In this business model, your business places an advertisement on a host website and pays a specified amount of money to the host site whenever users click on the advert. The service involves placing your ad on big league websites on the internet through a wide network of high-traffic niche partner sites, popular third-party sites, and vertical search engines with the

Classified Ad Posting

If you are looking for the most effective online marketing techniques for your business & you are on a really tight budget, you need to consider taking advantage of free advertising sites. Most of these sites come in the form of free classified ads websites, and you can post free ads on these sites without any technical experience in SEO. Many businesses often use classified Ad posting to promote their websites to the top, and the tactic is becoming popular for both big-budget online advertising campaigns as well as limited-budget advertising campaigns. By listing on free advertising sites and directories, you get to benefit from more traffic, backlinks, improved visibility, wider audience, and free advertising and marketing. In addition, you don’t have to spend time creating the ad yourself or hiring a creative agency to develop the advert. Placing the classified ad is normally as simple as crafting a short copy and providing your business contacts. In case you want a more sophisticated ad, many websites and publications that sell classified ads will offer the required assistance.

Facebook Ads

Nowadays, we live in an age where so many options are at our disposal when it comes to advertising online. If you are looking for the most effective marketing techniques for your business online, you seriously need to consider Facebook Ads. With the already massive and fast growing number of people using social media sites to communicate, network, and do business, it seems obvious that social media offers immense potential. While posting ads on social media sites does not fully qualify to be termed as free advertising online, the strategy is so cheap it’s almost free. Given the wide reach and immense potential that social media offers, posting ads on social networking sites is well worth the effort and investment. Although you cannot post free ads on platforms like Facebook, you only pay for the number of clicks or the number of impressions that your advert receives- whichever works the bets for your business.

In summary, there is a broad misconception among many business owners that effective marketing techniques have to be costly. However, many people will be surprised to learn that some of the most effective marketing techniques for business are cheap and in some cases they are totally free. Pay-Per-Click has been used to advertise online for some time now and the results have so far been impressive. On the other hand, classified ad posting is not only free, but also effective when it comes to increasing your reach. Lastly, posting ads on Facebook and on other social networking channels is an inexpensive and highly effective way of reaching a wider target audience and keeping your current customers engaged and informed about your business, products and services.


How to Win New Customers and Sell More

More the number of customers you have, more the options you have at the time of adversity. While, if you have few customers with you, the choice become quite narrow and losing even one can cost your financial pockets a lot. The flow of cash will surely get affected. Having a large queue of customers decreases the risk of failure of any business and makes it grow more and more. Well, if you are thinking to outgrow your business, then you need to add more customers to your business circle. Adding more customers will definitely give uplift to your sales and you will be able to sell more to your customers.

Here are some ways to win new customers for your business and sell more products to them:

  • Wider communication channels: You must stretch your communication channel through various modes to every kind of people even in the far areas where technology is not so upgraded. The mode of communication is also to be taken in concern the most to build new customers. You must spread your word not only in the developed parts but within the corners of the country where still radio are being used.
  • Keep yourself available: You need to be proactive to your clients, that may be existing or the new ones. If you reply at very instant they esquire you, chances are that they will like your services and will try to avail your products. It creates a big impact on your reputation in your target audience. Your portfolio will be made impressive with all these points only.
  • Dispense offers to existing customers: You should try to give lucrative offers to your existing customers and make them satisfy from every point so that they give a commendable review about your company to other people who could be your new customers in future. For instance, you can provide a certain discount to them on purchase or some gift along with their purchase. Remember, word of mouth is the best way of advertisement and entice new raid of customers to your brand.
  • Update your profile: As per the changes occurring in your portfolio, make than amendment immediately so as to update your customers also. They might be making their mind to get something from your website that is actually out of stock, which can really disappoint your customers and go to some other site to get somewhat similar. Even your logo and other things that are looking bored must be recreated to freshen up the page.
  • Rely on utmost advertising: Free online advertising is the proficient method to advertise your name among the people where you need not to spend anything but you can earn some good customers out of it. Free classified ads available online can even cover your area of interest and serve you the best desired by you.
  • Build network: To grab a can of customers to your work, building a wide network is a necessity because most of the people are convinced through referrals rather than any other mode of advertisement. Getting involved in buy sell trade websites, going to the events and occasions, attending business meetings can make you score the desired.
  • Appreciate and implement the reviews: Successful person is the one who always welcomes the critics merrily. If you will take the reviews as a feedback to improve your work, then you can make a good place in the hearts of people otherwise people will start looking for some other alternative that can cover all their requirements. Encourage your customers to give all kind of bad or good reviews for your products and assure them to implement the changes if possible.

Overall, I would benchmark that scoring a good range of customers is not a big issue if your trail on certain crucial points that could make you sell your products more with a outspread brand naming.