Watch your business grow with free classified ads

Online advertising is the in-thing today. It is a platform where interested buyers and sellers meet and do business. Here you find both sellers and buyers wanting to trade.

 You may want to sell used stuff and make some money or replace it with new and latest designed items. Someone may be looking out for a rented accommodation while some others may want to lease out their property. Job seekers can post their resumes while one may post their requirements, offering part-time/full time jobs. Buy, sell or trade in the website sitting in the comfort of your home or office at any time.  Post your advertisement, free of cost, with an online classified ads website like brings a lot of benefits. The ads are time-bound (in case of 10daysads, ads will remain available, across the globe – anywhere you want for 10 days) and gains from traction resulting out of serious visitor inflow. One can find every item – to be bought or sold – precisely sorted in different categories and thus making the search so much easier!

7Grab the attention of viewers

Describe your product in clear words and highlight the benefits of your product when you post free classified ads. Give a catchy title so that it interests the viewers immediately. There will be hundreds of sellers offering similar products so ensure your ad stands out in the crowd in these ads.

Confidential and Privacy maintained:

Many find it embarrassing to buy certain items meant for the adults like a few lingerie or sex toys. One cannot trust all online websites to be offering safe and reliable products and keeping your mail and shipping address confidential. Here with 10dayads, you can be assured all your correspondence, including your mail address will strictly not be revealed to any sources. You can find video ads also with details when you browse the Your Adult Playground category. It is strictly for adults and you need to submit your age proof when you buy or sell in this category.

Get in touch with now. You can advertise free of cost and find buyers and sellers from various cities.

The World Wide Web: Advertise Online For Better Coverage and Value

The Internet, or the World Wide Web (WWW), is perhaps the greatest technological feat mankind ever achieved with regards to communication. For it not only overcame physical and geographical barriers, but it also sets the pace for a competition and lay out an even level for that competition to take place – and that too, at an international level.

After all, the term “Global Village” only came to be after the World Wide Web begun showing its influence in the form of an expansive interconnection between the countries and peoples wide across the globe. An event that was unlike anything before! Businesses have taken the most advantage of the WWW! And among all that are there to take advantage of, thanks to features such as free advertising online, free blogs, and websites – for businesses and individuals there are so many more options to present their capabilities for the world to see now.

The internet, with this, has stamped its presence as the most extensive medium for mass communication ever made!

Business & Online Advertising: Hand in Hand!

Considering the nature of the Internet and how far it has developed in connecting all corners of the world, it is safe to say that a business which knows how to take advantage of the Internet’s features and services will no doubt have a better edge than those that do not.

One of the greatest features of the online platform (for business) though – are its free advertising avenues. In fact, free advertising online is one of the main reasons businesses have shifted to work on the Internet. Even better, newspapers all have an online portal now, meaning that newspaper classifieds usually have corresponding online classifieds as well. And most (if not all) of them are free too!


There are a number of websites that individuals and businesses alike can use for posting free advertisements. Many websites allow you to post free classified ads as well. There are even websites that cater to free classifieds exclusively for a limited period of time – albeit ensuring better penetration, flexibility in terms of the ad types (videos, texts, images – you name it), and extensive geographical reach! Meaning that for the count of days that ads are available, a business/product/service enjoys the maximum outreach and viability. And there are paid sites also!

So, really, if you have an advertisement or a number of advertisements to post, in today’s world, you’re really spoilt for choice! Just a quick online search will yield a number of free advertising websites that you can post your ads on – and enjoy the possibilities in store!

Free Advertising Websites: A Boon for Businesses

They once said that nothing in this world comes for free! Well, you will beg to differ with the sight of those free ads sites. They are ‘free’ and they are extremely useful to the point of being very good!

Here, in this article, we will dwell on the features and possibilities that one gets to enjoy by subscribing to the services of such free advertising sites. Positives are aplenty; you just need to stay smart in pushing your content and words across these websites.

Entrepreneurship and Advertising: Measures that go Hand in Hand

There was a time when becoming an entrepreneur or running a business was as difficult (read, expensive) endeavor as they came. The main problem, new and old business owners faced though, was that it was extremely expensive to advertise their business and while launching their products and services. Even today, advertising costs eat into a lot of the planned budget.

Even worse, some businesses can’t even afford these costs.

Video ads are easily the most expensive kind of advertisements there is out there. And next to that come print ads and radio ads. Sure, radio ads and print ads are much less expensive than video ads. But they can still accumulate to a hefty amount depending on how often those ads need to be employed, or how much a publication or radio station charges for the respective ad spaces and spots.

In such a scenario, the Internet has once again become a boon for the masses.

For today, there exist a number of free advertising sites that any business owner – or even a freelancing individual – can use to get an ad out there. All that anyone has to do is to search on any search engine to find these sites, set up/register an account, log in to one of these platforms – and then post their ads on the site. Easy, huh!

11Web Makes Advertising Cost-Effective

Possibly the best thing about the World Wide Web is that it offers dozens of features and services that are truly free – all inclusive of free information/ tutorials – even free websites and free ads! Now, there is little an internet user cannot do with an internet connected device – and this, whether they have money or not.

Thanks to smart phones and tablets and light-weight laptops, now we literally have the opportunity to carry internet access with us wherever we may go. And technology has only upgraded itself so that now phones are even more compatible with websites, thanks to the apps that practically every online website and business has as part of its online package. This means that you can basically check your online accounts from anywhere, and you can set up your own ads on websites that allow you to post free classified ads from anywhere at any time.

These free advertising websites and portals don’t just allow you to post your ads – and be done with that! They have features that even allow you to see and analyze how well your ad is doing, as well as tools to email or message you in case someone responds to your advertisement.

 All in all, it’s a pretty easy, sweet deal! Isn’t it?

Now, to stay harm’s way and enjoy maximum return on the investment of your energy in posting/publishing content on those sites, you may just want to read the terms and conditions furnished on the publishing site. One may also want to compare the potentials of such free listing/ads websites. Some come with the feature of allowing visibility for a limited time-span – and may look a little ‘limiting’ in comparison to other sites that allow longer availability. But, a few of such sites allowing visibility for a limited time-frame may otherwise prove to be more effective in terms of outreach, than their counterparts.

How to Sell Easily Through Classified Ads Websites

How to Sell Easily Through Classified Ads Websites

Internet penetration has made it easier to reach more buyers all over the world. Online traffic offers a perfect opportunity to sell any goods or services. Starting your own website may take time and might not attract the amount of traffic that will lead to good sales. There are free classified ads websites that are recognized as market places where target buyers and sellers are found. Because there exist a large number of such sites, it is important to identify the one that will deliver the best results. Here are tips on how to select the best site to post your ads.

Home Page
The home page welcomes visitors and gives an impression of what to expect. Select a site that is welcoming and easy to use. User friendly sites entice visitors to spend more time browsing. This increases the possibility of checking your ad and making an enquiry. Information available on other pages should be highlighted on the landing page for the visitor to click.

Businesses, goods and services are organized for easy recognition and access. The best free ad websites provide categories to aid sellers when placing the ad and buyers when selecting their items. This will eliminate the haphazard search that is unlikely to deliver results. A disorganized website will discourage a buyer and reduce visibility of your business, goods or services. Besides categorization, a search option should be provided. A buyer may be uncertain of the category a particular product is listed. By entering a name at the search section, all items that match the search will pop up.

SEO Friendly
This is a feature that enables the site to appear top when searched on different engines. Clients click on websites that are ranked higher on different search engines. This means that more people will see your product or services and make enquiries or eventually buy.

Optimized for Different Platforms
There are different internet devices available to buyers. They include PCs, tablets and mobile phones, among others. Classified ads websites that are only optimized for one platform are restrictive. Select a portal that is open to different devices without limiting the features that the buyer can utilize. Other platforms that should be considered are the operating systems. The classified ad portal you select should be accessible on android, iOS and other operating systems.

Friendly URLs
The URL says a lot about the website and should never be ignored. It tells buyers about the site even before reading or exploring the content. It is important in ranking before receiving the boost of key words and other SEO features. The URL of the site you post the classified ad should be indicative of the services offered. It should stand out and entice online traffic when viewed alongside others in a similar category.

Visitors will only return to a site if they feel that their details are secure. Security means that their personal details are not compromised through third party sharing. This information is provided at the terms and conditions section of the website. The website makes the visitors to feel confident when browsing for goods and services.

With such features, you are guaranteed success selling goods, services or advertising your business.

How to Create the Best Ad for Free Ads Websites

Despite the availability of numerous products and services online, buyers will only click on the few that stand out. The nature of ad you post will either attract or repel buyers. Creating ads for classified websites does not necessarily require technical expertise. Websites that allow you to post free ads in the USA are simplified through a process that prompts you when creating the ads. However, this is not enough to attract adequate attention to your business, product or service. Here are important features to include when creating the ads.

Catchy Product Name
There are names that differentiate unique products in the same category. Tables are grouped into coffee tables, dining tables, office tables, etc. Give a specific name when posting the advert to capture the attention of the buyer. An entry in the automotive section should specify if it is a commercial vehicle, trailer, etc. Include the brand, the size and common features that are of interest to buyers.

19Product Description
Product description gives details that are not visible. Indicate if it is new or used. This is the chance to give, for example, the memory size, processing speed and screen size of the laptop you are selling. The description should be as short as possible but should capture as much detail. It gives the buyer an idea of what he is buying before seeing it. For services, you are required to include professional qualification and the range of services you offer. It helps the buyer to make a choice.

Include Pictures and Videos
Most sites that allow you to post free classifieds have an option for inclusion of pictures and videos. The process of creating the ads allows you to upload a photo or video for potential buyers. The photos should be taken from different angles ensuring that you capture the details that would be of interest to buyers. Use high-quality photos because they add to the credibility of your advert.

Include Contact Details and Directions
When a potential buyer has liked your product or service, the next thing is to make an inquiry. Regardless of the attractiveness of the deal, you have offered, you will not sell if you are unreachable. The location of your product, business or services must be given. This will inform potential buyers of delivery or collection logistics and expenses. When you post free classified ads in the USA, indicate the state, county and township to make it easier for buyers to locate you.

Right Category
Buyers visiting classified ads websites are very specific on the products they want. A book that is advertised alongside electronics will be bypassed since visitors clicking on that category are not interested in books. The categories further specify the properties of the items on sale. They indicate whether they are used or new, real estate is categorized under rental, sale, commercial, residential, etc. This clarity makes the search experience for buyers easier and increases visibility among genuine buyers.

It is the quality of your ad that will make the goods or products to stand out and therefore attract real buyers.

Why a Classified ads Site is Like an Online Shopping Mall

It is tiring to move from one store to the other looking for a household, office or personal item. This method of shopping is outdated because it takes time and consumes a lot of resources without guaranteeing satisfactory returns. A website where sellers post free classified ads in US offers a convenient solution. The items available on the website can be likened to several fully stocked shopping malls put together. This is a guarantee that you will get anything you want at a very competitive price.
The items are posted in categories to simplify your search. The categories include antics and collectables, fashion, furniture, automotive, art among others. There are phones and health products to suit different classes and demand. Adults have a chance to select a range of items at the ‘adults only’ section. Book lovers have an exclusive section with a collection for renowned authors from different parts of the world and on different topics. The categories make it easier to search for a specific item.
Professional Services
The platform offers service providers a chance to advertise their businesses to a global audience. This is a site where accountants, office administrators, educators, sales and marketers, etc have access to global audience. Medical services are also advertised on this platform. There are legal service providers alongside providers of business related services. It is a collection of services in all sectors for potential buyers.
Complete Showroom
Those who post free classified ads provide all the details you require such that your online shopping experience feels like a visit to the shopping mall. Each advert includes a detailed description of the product and its features. The ad also contains images from different angles. Some sellers include a video recording on the product to offer a comprehensive description of what is offered. By the end of the advert, it feels as though you have completed a tour of a showroom. It provides all the details you require to make a decision on whether to buy or not.
Specific Search
The search option is clearly visible at the top of the site. It allows you to specify the item or service you are looking for and your target location. What appears are fresh posts since no advert is allowed to remain there for more than ten days. This is a guarantee that if you find something that pleases you, it exists within the location you have entered.
Businesses are also listed on the websites in different categories. This means reduction in marketing, promotion and advertising budgets. Fresh ads allow you to include your latest products that will attract new customers. The businesses include their location and the goods or services they provide. The platform will protect you from the spam effect since it is the buyer who makes a search. This increases the possibility of making an enquiry and eventually buying from you.
Buyers have a one-stop-shop for all the items one wants. It is a chance to compare prices from other sellers and service providers to ensure that you get real value for their money. The shopping mall is at your fingertips through the phone, mobile devices and other computerized gadgets.

Important Things to Know About Free Classified Ads Websites

Buying and selling no longer requires you to setup a physical shop. You do not need to spend a fortune on advertisement either. Free classified ads websites offer a perfect platform to attract the attention of the world to your goods and services. It saves you the hustle and expenditure of marketing and promotion yet ensures that you sell in the shortest time.
Old and New items
The site is open to selling old and new stuff. It is no longer necessary to keep the old items in the store. There are numerous buyers waiting to get their hands on the product. All you will need is to name the price and someone will come for it. This leaves you with the cash to purchase other things.
Product Description
A section is provided to give a detailed description of your product. You are required to name your price and include details on availability. Several images are provided, especially from different directions. This will give potential buyers an idea of what they are buying. The ad acts like a show room where potential clients view the item and make a decision.
Localized Search
The websites provide an opportunity to sell to buyers in a particular state or location. It is optimized so that buyers can search for items within their vicinity. This makes it necessary for sellers to give the state and exact location at the availability section. The location is a major determinant when making any purchase.
Fresh Ads
There is a limit on the number of days an ad remains active. With a 10 days period, buyers are assured of finding something fresh every time they visit. As a buyer, you are assured that what you spot on the website is available and in perfect condition. This is enough motivation to buy in the knowledge that you are purchasing a fresh product.
Simplified Website
Creating an ad does not require professional assistance. The site provides an option to create the ad at the top of the home page. You will be prompted to the next section by an ad builder through a systematic process. The end product is a very attractive advert with all the details that will attract a buyer. This is all you will require as a seller to get any item sold. The site is enabled for various platforms including mobile phones and smart devices. The images are easy to upload from the internet or external storage. The advert is enriched by adding a video clip and this is the best way to show  and sell.
Contact Details
There is a section to provide contact details to potential buyers. The details don’t require  email address, phone number just the you will not be spammed, you may give that information on your own.  The ad can be posted for multiple locations or states to increase visibility. Use a website that provides a one stop site for buyers and sellers. It is a market for all types of goods including household, office, personal effects and industrial supplies  just about everything you can think of.

How to Select the an Effective Free Classified Ads Websites


The advancement of technology has made it easier for people to buy products online. Business owners can now sell their products to the whole world without any physical hindrances. If you have products that you need to sell to consumers, you can now promote them through various online platforms .One of the most effective way is to post ads on websites. Moreover, there are numerous website that offer free ad space services. Today, anyone can post free classified ads with no cost in various sections and categories. It is one of the best options for start-ups that want to promote their products. Free classified ads websites provide a good platform where buyers meet sellers. This opportunity has made it possible for new sites to come in the market every day. Although it is free to post ads in these websites, some are not worth to use.

Here are some of the things you should consider when choosing classifieds websites.

Clear terms and conditions

The first thing you should do before selecting a website is to read the terms and conditions listed there. If the conditions are not clear to you, seek clarification from support. In case, these terms are confusing, leave the website and look for another portal.

Simple and user friendly interface

As you navigate through the online platform, check if the system is user friendly and easy to understand. You should not use a website that that is complicated and take time to load. A good classified ad site should be easy to navigate and plain to utilize.

Cookies Policy

Check if the portal uses cookies for security purpose. If this is the case, it guaranteed you security and utmost safety of your data. Do not make post your ads in websites that do not have clear cookies policy.

Private Policy

Private policy is essential for all websites that contain users’ data. A reputable website should provide a detailed rule on how they use data from their users and third parties. Avoid a portal that has low level of privacy rules.


A good website should provide users with a portal that provide maximum convenience .Such a system should allow photo uploading, communication channels, easy sign-up/registration as well as easy search engine navigation. It should also have clear categories where you can post your ads. The portal should facilitate easier communication between the buyer and the seller. After the seller post an ad, a registered buyer in that category should get an alert on the same. It also works well when ads are viewable via any mobile devices like tablet and smart phones. A good portal that has these facilities will make easier and convenience for seller to close a deal faster and for the buyer to get the right product in time.

Technical support and customer service

A good classified ads website should provide technical support in case you find difficulties in posting ads. Additionally, customers service line should be open should that you can contact them in case you want to ask clarification or in need of premium ad space.


How to Use Free Classified Ads Sites and Maximize Conversion Rate/Sales


For those people who operate small home business, online marketing is critical when making for sales. Free classified ads sites offer a good platform to post free ads. This is convenient for the owners who do not have to spend alot of money on marketing. With this free platform, you are only supposed to create free ads and post them on these sites. The most important thing is to come up with creative and catchy ads that will work the best for you and your business.


There are several factors you need to consider before preparing an ad. It is critical for your business to be registered and licensed. You must have legitimate products or services that you want to promote. This increases the credibility of the business because customers want to be associated with legitimate business. Clients or potential customers should be able to verify your business details and location. You need to create a catch phrase or a simple description of what you do. This enables potential clients to understand exactly what your business has to offer. Some business owners use their business cards as the ad itself.

Look for the classified category that match your product or service

The biggest way to maximize the opportunity to post free ads is to choose classified category that match with the clients you want to reach. For instant, you cannot place a free ad on car category if you are selling brand name hand bags. There is need to match your product with the right category and place your ad strategically on this classified ads sites.

Learn when to place an ad

Free marketing on the web is important for you to get your business name, products and services out there. However, to fully maximize the opportunity, there are certain times to make use of these free ads sites which depend on your business cycle. For example, many people pay their mortgage and rent in the beginning of the month. It is therefore appropriate for you to post free ad with a discount or coupon attached to it in the first days of the month. Most people love discounts especially during lean times.

Include accurate description

In addition to writing a clever tag line, you should also include your contact information in the ads. This does not necessarily mean putting your phone number; you can include a link back to your own website. The more potential customers you get to visit your website, the better for your business and this means more sales.
Internet advertising through free classified ads sites is a smart way to boost sales for your business. One key benefit of taking advantage of this platform is the fact that it does not cost you money to place ads. It does not take much effort to create free ad on these free classified ads sites. Choose the right website that is user friendly and easy to navigate. This allows your potential customers to navigate through and get relevant information regarding your product.

Who will be the Big Winners in the FIFA World Cup?

fifa world cup 2014
fifa world cup 2014

The Beautiful Game is back and football fans around the world all have their eyes fixed on Brazil for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. 32 teams from across the globe are meeting in the South American country to decide who will raise the golden World Cup trophy on July 13th in Rio de Janeiro, and we are all waiting to enjoy the show.

The host country Brazil has got to be considered one of the pre-tournament favorites. Their young and talented striker Neymar will be looking to convert all his hype into glory for the home nation. There are very few countries in the world that love football more than Brazil and their fans would love nothing more than forgetting about all their much publicized social problems and seeing their home side take the Cup. Brazil has a very long line of great players and Neymar, while still very young, will be looking to become one of the greats.