Traditional Hawaiian Canoe Set to Begin Round-the-World Adventure

Traditional Hawaiian canoe
Traditional Hawaiian canoe

The legendary Hawaiian canoe Hokulea is set to embark on a historic round-the-world trip setting out from Oahu. The double-hulled 3-sail vessel was built in the 1970’s using traditional Polynesian boat designs and has become an icon for Native Hawaiian culture. It will set out on what is planned to be a 3-year journey covering 47,000 miles with stops in as many as 85 ports on six continents.


The Spirit of Saint Louis Defines the Spirit of American Ingenuity.

The Spirit of Saint Louis
The Spirit of Saint Louis

When Charles Lindberg became the first person to fly non-stop across the Atlantic Ocean in 1927, many engineering challenges had to be considered but it was the ingenuity of Lindberg himself that came up with the solution to one of the final problems.

The Spirit of Saint Louis was a single engine plane built in 1927 and designed for the sole purpose of flying non-stop from New York to Paris, which until that time had never been done. Lindbergh was a highly skilled pilot and was determined to be the first to make the flight and he was very clear about what he thought the plane needed in order to make the historic flight.


Food, Obesity, and the Forgotten Art of Cooking


There are those who live to eat, and there are others that eat to live. Far more of us fall into the former group but our abilities to prepare tasty yet healthy food is becoming a forgotten art.


Never before has the price of food been so cheap. Anywhere from fresh meats and vegetables to the raw ingredients that make up our daily diets have we seen the prices of food so cheap. In the 1930’s Americans paid up to twenty-five percent of their disposable income on food where today we spend a paltry ten percent. Nobody wants to spend more than they have to on anything and food is certainly no exception. Improved production techniques on American farms have increased the yields on everything from beef to poultry and from corn to soybeans and wheat, but not all of this has been good for our health. The use of pesticides and growth hormones have allowed yields to increase around the world but obesity, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, stroke and other chronic illnesses is the price that Americans are now paying for such cheap food.


Cheap food means more food. The amount of food that we pile onto our plates is contributing to the fact that we are simply eating ourselves to death. People are exercising now more than ever but the advanced calorie intake is far outweighing anything that we are doing in the gym or at Pilates.


Keys to Improve a Happy Marriage

There are countless ways in which a marriage becomes hot and then cold or exhilarating and then dull. It’s safe to say that we all want out marriages to be more hot and exhilarating than resemblances of the exact opposite.

It’s not that difficult to keep a new marriage hot and exhilarating when couples are motivated to put all their energy into developing their relationship and continue to explore new ways to keep it exciting. The problems have a tendency to occur when the products of a successful relationship keep getting in the way. These products can include children, financial worries, job choices, and anything else that alters the original foundation of a relationship.

Improve a Happy Marriage

When a relationship becomes cold or dull it doesn’t necessarily mean that the marriage is broken and destined for the scrapheap. It is frequently the product of forgetting the basic elements of what made the marriage great to begin with; the beautiful smile, the loving touch, the night out for pizza and a movie or the simple look into the other’s eye that meant that the happy ending was somewhere in sight.


Is Apple Taking Over Beats Electronics ?

Beats Electronics maybe about to be bought by Apple in what could be a 3,2 billion dollar deal.

Apple Taking Over Beats Electronics
Apple Beat

The maker of Beats headphones and sound systems is the target of Apple in what looks like a massive deal for both companies. Beats Electronics is the creation of Hip Hop artist Andre “Dr. Dre” Young and co-founder recording mogul Jimmy Iovine, and together they have revolutionized the headphone and speaker industry with their stylish and ultra-high quality products.


The Classic Old American Diner Makes a Comeback


To say the American Diner is making a comeback you would have to assume that it had gone away in the first place. Well that is not really the case as diners have been around for well over one hundred years and never really went anywhere. The problem is that they just got overshadowed over the last thirty to forty years by shopping malls and modern technology.

The 50’s and 60’s were very different times regarding the habits of young people but one thing that all kids from all generations have in common is that they all had their places where they went to “hang out” and meet up with their friends. The shopping malls of today have become the place for kids to meet, have a cheeseburger, see a movie and, of course, cruise around and see who you would run into.

In the 50’s and the 60’s the place to meet friends and see if you could run into that girl you wanted to ask out was the diner. You could order up the cheeseburger, soda and ice cream and, while you couldn’t watch a movie, you could put a coin into the jukebox and listen to your favorite tunes and even have a dance. Today the kids send messages and listen to music on their mobile phones, but in the glory days of the diners the kids could swap notes between the tables. The pen and paper was the communication devise of the day and was all you needed when you were too bashful to go in person to the other table and ask the pretty girl if she wanted to meet you at the counter for an ice cream. (more…)

10dayads – A Refreshing Online Classifieds Website


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