Promote Your Business with Free Classified Ads

Many might not be aware but free classified ads have always been a significant source of income for many small businesses. People make a good living by generating sales using classified ads. Before the internet boom, classified ads were available only in newspapers. But today, there are many free classified ads sites as well.

free classified ads

There are many promising classified ads websites which give good business. Many of them offer free image, text, colors and border options as well. Although, the costs would be the same as offline classifieds.

Classified Marketing

Today, classified marketing is highly appreciated by many. Hence we see a lot of people ready to sell small items on classified websites online.

Focus on the audience: This is a term which has taken rounds across all marketing channels. The customers are waiting for the right brands to reach them. By focusing on the right audience, one can make better and quicker sales. For example, if your niche is auto related, then one should focus only on auto classifieds, sales, and accessories. If your niche is gardening, then one should focus only on gardening.

High Traffic: The best way to increase your organic traffic is through free classified ads. It will allow promoting your business both online and offline.

Free Advertisement: This is a rare term “Free Advertisement”. The free classified ads site can be a good place to promote your business.

Ads Strategy: Run free ads on the classified site and keep a track on the results. Keep different formats of landing pages to track traffic. You can even think of offering something like a ‘coupon code’ so that one can tell which ads will generate a good response. Once you know which ads generate more response, focus on only those ads. One can also run tests using different titles and images.

The people on free classified ads sites respond quickly as compared to other websites. Product promotion has become really important in business and there are many who use different kinds of marketing strategies. With free classified ads, there is little investment and a good way to generate traffic on the website. These websites attract thousands of visitors per day. The websites are marketing friendly and hence rules are not a problem here.

One can post weekly ads to stay on the top of the business which is not a difficult thing at all. The posting of ads is generally free on classified ads site.


Understanding the Basics

A good free classified ad looks like a telegram, brief and concise.

  • Headline or Title – The job of a good title is to get your ad read.
  • Images – The images should be compelling enough to make a viewer click on your ad.
  • Landing page – A good landing page should be able to get you conversion.

To create compelling ads, one should keep the below points in minds. Keep your reader in mind when creating a good ad. One can keep testing different ads and check which method creates maximum sales.

One should not make a plan to run only one ad and get instant traffic.

Keep a track of the competitors as well. There will be many businesses out there which are selling their products on free classified ads site. If you find some good competition, then the classified website is a good place for advertisement.

Gathering up the right audience will take time and patience. If you keep running your ads constantly your brand becomes known and trusted to the target audience. Once that is done, people will be sure that you are not an overnight company and plan to stay here for a long time.

Build Your Business with Free Classified Ads

Free classified ads websites offer a chance to advertise your goods and services at no fee. They are highly localized which makes them attract high quality traffic. Some of the sites have ready audience which could range from thousands to hundreds of thousands. You are therefore assured of high quality exposure.

The advantage with classified ad sites is that people making searches are usually ready to buy. This cannot be said of conventional paid media. Spending on the media is a matter of chance, hoping that the people you are interested in will be watching. Here are tricks you can use to maximize on the potential of free ad websites to build your business.


Identify the Right Site for Your Product

It is one thing to place an ad at a site and another to get value or sales from it. You must remember that the time and resources spent in preparing the ad are also valuable. Your ad should bring customers instead of being for the sake of it.

The best site for your product is a niche site. People visiting the site will be deliberately searching for your category of goods or services. This is what is referred to as high quality traffic. The possibility of buying is therefore high. The deal offered for featured products, membership, number of ads, etc should offer value for money.

The process of buying or procuring services is also important for a good site. Identify a site that makes it easy for potential customers to reach you. This is through a simplified and excellent customer experience. The best site is one that is secure and does not expose either sellers or buyers to spam and scams on the internet. This becomes a source for repeat business.

Create an Attractive Ad

While the website gives you sufficient exposure, there are other advertisers who post free classified ads on the same platform. This means that you must work extra hard within the website. You must create an ad that stands out. This is an ad that calls for attention and naturally sells your product.

To create such an ad, you need to know your audience well. You also need to understand your product or services thoroughly so that you can highlight the distinct or unique feature it offers. Use a professional photographer and graphics designer to help you create the ad. Potential buyers will only take your offer seriously if the manner in which it is crafted indicates that.

Be Informative

Take the free space and advertising opportunity provided seriously. The fact that it is free does not mean that it should be taken lightly. Provide potential buyers with the right information to push them into making a decision. The information includes the name of product, features, price, where and how it can be obtained, etc.

When a buyer clicks on your item or service ad he should get all the details and have an easy experience until purchase. Being directed to other websites might lead to abandonment of the cart. Provide all alternatives like paying or delivery to make it easier for the buyer.

Develop a Plan

Like any other marketing opportunity, you need a professional plan. The plan should outline the activities you will undertake on the site and expected outcomes. Indicate the people who will be involved and milestones to be achieved within a certain time frame. In case you need to use resources to accomplish the plan, include the resources.

All free classified ads sites have rules on the number of ads, frequency, features of the site, etc. These rules should be included in your plan. Determine how often you will update your ad and what features you will need to ad or enhance. You will have a haphazard campaign if you do not develop a plan. Implement the plan and adjust depending on your performance from time to time.

Free classified ads websites are highly effective when properly utilized. They can be used for both goods and services. This is your chance to enhance the performance of your business without incurring huge advertising expenses.

Market Your Business with Free Online Advertising

Just like a market or mall in real life, the internet has its own gathering point for buyers. Yes, a place where people come from allover the world to search for goods and services, only this time it is online. What if you got a space here for free? This is what 10dayads provides.

10dayads is a platform where you post your goods and services for free. It attracts traffic from allover the world, which increases your catchment area. You have a chance to sell to people from allover the world without setting up a shop.

free online advertising

How 10daydas Works

Anyone is at liberty to open the website and create an account. This is an ordinary account where you give your name, address and interest for identification purposes. There are no charges for opening the account and neither is the information sold to third parties. The account helps you to post your wares, track sale and communicate with potential buyers.

With an account, you can now enjoy free online advertising for your goods and services. An account gives you the freedom to post your ads. The ad could be in form of text, images or even a video. This is an assurance that the buyer will have a satisfactory or all rounded view of the items on sale. Provision of different viewing options increases the chances of making a sale.

There are different categories where you can post your items. The categories include antiques or collectables, music, employment (for services), appliances, art, fashion, pets, phones, furniture, baby items, etc. If an item can fit into two categories or more, you are required to tag these categories. There are as many categories as you can imagine.

Categories make it easy for buyers to search your item. One does not have to peruse through the millions of items posted to get what he or she wants. With a simple search, the item will be revealed. In fact, there are both new and old items on sale. It is therefore an open market where you get a front store for free.

Advantages of Using 10dayads

Beyond the fact that the website offers free advertising online and delivers global traffic, there are other benefits you stand to reap from selling your wares here.

  • The ads or items on sale are always fresh. The website is automated to give preference to adds based on their posting day. An item remains posted for only ten days. This means access to high quality and fresh items at all times.
  • Using videos- videos are the future of marketing and advertising. They are more interactive and give a buyer better view of the product. The site allows you to upload a video which increases you chances of selling.
  • Multiple posting- the site allows you to post under different categories. For instance, you can post a necklace under fashion, jewelry, etc. This increases exposure and in the process the chances of making a sale.
  • Local posting- there are items that are best sold to locals because of viewing and shipping logistics. The site allows you to localize your ad and item. People searching for items within a particular jurisdiction will find you easily.

There are features of the website that make it even more attractive to use. Items can be searched online from any location. Each ad has a provision for shipping. It thus acts like a shop. The search is usually very specific making it easier for buyers in particular localities.

The website allows you to share your ad on social networks including facebook, pinterest, twitter, instagram and Google +, among others. This will increase visibility.

There are no commissions charged on making the sale. This means that you retain all the money earned. While you enjoy free business marketing, you can also buy other goods and services. The ads are screened before being broadcast to keep away scams and spam. This guarantees a clean and quality market place for all types of goods and services.

free advertise

Advertise Your Product Online For Free

Online advertising can be difficult and attracts a lot of investment in terms of money and resources. It can be daunting for you to promote your products in your chosen niche market. In order to avoid such hefty costs, why don’t you advertise your product online at for free? (more…)


Best Places to Buy Sell Trade Online

As more people begin to look online for goods and services, advertising takes center stage. There are thousands of buyers looking for the exact product you are selling, but if you remain invisible they will not find you. List you products on top buy sell trade websites to increase your chances of finding clients. These sites are open for vehicles, jobs, real estate, computers, books, services, travel and vacation, rentals, etc. With thousands of sites offering free classified ads, how do you choose the best?

  • Free Listing

Free listing websites are the best when buying or selling goods online. They enjoy more traffic which translates into more exposure. The sites also attract a large number of buyers and sellers. This translates into more variety especially for goods. It increases the likelihood of getting the goods or services you are looking for. Since the websites do not make money through listing, they go out of their way to increase visibility. They are proactive in attracting visitors and thus increase your chances of getting a buyer.

  • High Ranking

Consider the ranking of classified websites. Websites are classified based on traffic, user experience, number of goods listed, etc. There are organizations that monitor and award such websites based on the quality of services they provide. Check ranking by associations that have no interest in classified ad websites. They give an independent review which makes their ranking more reliable. You may also check reviews by users to establish their experience and opinion.

  • Rich Features

Check the features offered by a website to both sellers and buyers. It is the features that determine the user experience. For sellers, consider the size of advert, the categories available, check out system, etc. For a buyer, the site must provide details on how to access, vet advertisers or sellers to avoid scams, provide a secure buying platform, etc. The features provided should also be location specific. This allows you to find buyers and sellers near you area with ease. A good site should also give priority to recent adverts. A time limit for placing the add ensures that an advert remains relevant or is updated. As such, a buyer will get exactly what is advertised.

  • Better Commissions

Some classified websites work on the basis of commission. Buyers who want more details about a particular good or service have to pay a commission. Sellers also have to pay a commission to sell their wares. Such websites are preferred because they only attract serious buyers and sellers. However, the percentage of commission should be reasonable. It should be based on the value of goods or services offered. The website must also work extra hard to advertise itself in order to attract more traffic, buyers and sellers. Sites that offer free advertising online attract more visitors. However, those that charge a commission to buyers and sellers attract quality traffic.

  • Variety of Goods

The best online market place is where a client has endless options. A classified ad website should allow all manner of goods and services to be sold. To differentiate these goods and services, categories are introduced. There are general categories that capture such items as furniture, vehicles, computers, electronics, phones, etc. These categories further narrow into specific brands, uses, years of manufacture, prices, etc. Such categorization makes it easier to search for your preferred goods or services from any angle. When searching for goods, the categories should inform you whether the goods are new or used. Categories like location also allow you to consider delivery or shipping cost and thus calculate the actual cost.

  • Security

Security on the internet is becoming increasingly important. You search details should remain confidential. Find a site that does not reveal your personal details as well. Where payments are made through the site or through integrated checkout systems, financial security must be guaranteed. The security of the buyer or seller must be guaranteed through awareness and vigorous campaigns. Security includes tracking transactions and engagements to keep away fraudsters.


Whenever you are looking for a place to buy, sell or trade, consider the value for money you get from such a site. The quality of products, buyers and sellers will also guarantee a good experience. Check out reviews on the highest ranked sites before posting your advert.


Facebook Ads Are Profitable or Not?

Given that most marketers often look for ways to take advantage of free online advertising, it is no surprise that a significant number of marketers have turned to Facebook advertising because it is cheap. However, many people often ask whether Facebook Ads are profitable or not, but the answer to this question will depend on a number of things. For starters, most marketers who have tested Facebook ads, particularly in their initial days, tend to be skeptical about the effectiveness of Facebook advertising. However, this is not necessarily the case because the success of any marketing efforts on Facebook will depend on whether the types of strategies used are suitable for the business and whether you are using the best practices. In addition, success will depend on whether you can avoid some of the most common blunders marketers make when advertising on Facebook. Read on to find out!! (more…)


Most Effective Marketing Technique For Business

Nowadays, it is almost impossible to imagine a company or even a small local business operating without having at least a website with basic information about its location, hours, products and services. Without a website, it means your business will not have access to the growing number of potential customers who first use the internet when they need to make a purchase decision. Moreover, social media presence is absolutely vital, and the need for good search engine optimization (SEO) cannot be underestimated. But while all these might seem overwhelming, the technology has transformed to the point where we now have several inexpensive and even free advertising sites online tools and resources. Here are a few examples of effective marketing techniques for business on the internet.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Ad Networks

PPC Ad Networks have made it very straightforward when it comes to reaching the target audience. While this avenue cannot be classified under free advertising online, it has been very effective for numerous businesses. It is also inexpensive since you only pay when you get results. PPC Ad networks offer some of the most effective techniques for businesses as they help to connect advertisers with publishers seeking to occupy their ad positions. According to some industry sources, some of these paid advertising sites receive billions of searches each month, which means they must be really on to something. In this business model, your business places an advertisement on a host website and pays a specified amount of money to the host site whenever users click on the advert. The service involves placing your ad on big league websites on the internet through a wide network of high-traffic niche partner sites, popular third-party sites, and vertical search engines with the

Classified Ad Posting

If you are looking for the most effective online marketing techniques for your business & you are on a really tight budget, you need to consider taking advantage of free advertising sites. Most of these sites come in the form of free classified ads websites, and you can post free ads on these sites without any technical experience in SEO. Many businesses often use classified Ad posting to promote their websites to the top, and the tactic is becoming popular for both big-budget online advertising campaigns as well as limited-budget advertising campaigns. By listing on free advertising sites and directories, you get to benefit from more traffic, backlinks, improved visibility, wider audience, and free advertising and marketing. In addition, you don’t have to spend time creating the ad yourself or hiring a creative agency to develop the advert. Placing the classified ad is normally as simple as crafting a short copy and providing your business contacts. In case you want a more sophisticated ad, many websites and publications that sell classified ads will offer the required assistance.

Facebook Ads

Nowadays, we live in an age where so many options are at our disposal when it comes to advertising online. If you are looking for the most effective marketing techniques for your business online, you seriously need to consider Facebook Ads. With the already massive and fast growing number of people using social media sites to communicate, network, and do business, it seems obvious that social media offers immense potential. While posting ads on social media sites does not fully qualify to be termed as free advertising online, the strategy is so cheap it’s almost free. Given the wide reach and immense potential that social media offers, posting ads on social networking sites is well worth the effort and investment. Although you cannot post free ads on platforms like Facebook, you only pay for the number of clicks or the number of impressions that your advert receives- whichever works the bets for your business.

In summary, there is a broad misconception among many business owners that effective marketing techniques have to be costly. However, many people will be surprised to learn that some of the most effective marketing techniques for business are cheap and in some cases they are totally free. Pay-Per-Click has been used to advertise online for some time now and the results have so far been impressive. On the other hand, classified ad posting is not only free, but also effective when it comes to increasing your reach. Lastly, posting ads on Facebook and on other social networking channels is an inexpensive and highly effective way of reaching a wider target audience and keeping your current customers engaged and informed about your business, products and services.


How to Win New Customers and Sell More

More the number of customers you have, more the options you have at the time of adversity. While, if you have few customers with you, the choice become quite narrow and losing even one can cost your financial pockets a lot. The flow of cash will surely get affected. Having a large queue of customers decreases the risk of failure of any business and makes it grow more and more. Well, if you are thinking to outgrow your business, then you need to add more customers to your business circle. Adding more customers will definitely give uplift to your sales and you will be able to sell more to your customers.

Here are some ways to win new customers for your business and sell more products to them:

  • Wider communication channels: You must stretch your communication channel through various modes to every kind of people even in the far areas where technology is not so upgraded. The mode of communication is also to be taken in concern the most to build new customers. You must spread your word not only in the developed parts but within the corners of the country where still radio are being used.
  • Keep yourself available: You need to be proactive to your clients, that may be existing or the new ones. If you reply at very instant they esquire you, chances are that they will like your services and will try to avail your products. It creates a big impact on your reputation in your target audience. Your portfolio will be made impressive with all these points only.
  • Dispense offers to existing customers: You should try to give lucrative offers to your existing customers and make them satisfy from every point so that they give a commendable review about your company to other people who could be your new customers in future. For instance, you can provide a certain discount to them on purchase or some gift along with their purchase. Remember, word of mouth is the best way of advertisement and entice new raid of customers to your brand.
  • Update your profile: As per the changes occurring in your portfolio, make than amendment immediately so as to update your customers also. They might be making their mind to get something from your website that is actually out of stock, which can really disappoint your customers and go to some other site to get somewhat similar. Even your logo and other things that are looking bored must be recreated to freshen up the page.
  • Rely on utmost advertising: Free online advertising is the proficient method to advertise your name among the people where you need not to spend anything but you can earn some good customers out of it. Free classified ads available online can even cover your area of interest and serve you the best desired by you.
  • Build network: To grab a can of customers to your work, building a wide network is a necessity because most of the people are convinced through referrals rather than any other mode of advertisement. Getting involved in buy sell trade websites, going to the events and occasions, attending business meetings can make you score the desired.
  • Appreciate and implement the reviews: Successful person is the one who always welcomes the critics merrily. If you will take the reviews as a feedback to improve your work, then you can make a good place in the hearts of people otherwise people will start looking for some other alternative that can cover all their requirements. Encourage your customers to give all kind of bad or good reviews for your products and assure them to implement the changes if possible.

Overall, I would benchmark that scoring a good range of customers is not a big issue if your trail on certain crucial points that could make you sell your products more with a outspread brand naming.

How to Maximize Free Classified Ads Sites to Your Advantage



As a small business owner, free classified ads sites like present the best opportunity to get your business known. It reduces your marketing budget leading to huge savings for start ups and small firms. The sites are easy to access when posting and attract enough attention from potential buyers. The sites present an easy and cost effective way to reach your clients. How then do you maximize on the websites?

Prepare well
The advert will draw attention to your business. Before posting any advert, ensure that you are operating legally. You should have all licenses and accreditation required in the industry. This allows customers who want to verify the information to do so. Include the name of the city, county and state where you are located. is worldwide

Prepare quality ad
The sites that allow people to post free classified ads in USA receive a lot of traffic. To attract the attention of potential customers, make the ad as catchy as possible. This includes the use of phrases and descriptions that provide details about what you are offering. There are opportunities to use your business card as the ad.

Match the classifieds with your product or service
There is a specific group of customers you want to reach. From the website, identify the category that best suits your product or service. You must be very specific with the categories. For instance, a category like electronics carries a lot of items. If you are selling a television, post it under TVs and not electronics.

Choose the best site and time
There are numerous sites offering free ads, but not all will deliver the results you want. Identify the most popular in your market segment and post the ad there. Choose the best time of the month or year. There are high seasons for holiday packages, cold weather clothing, etc. Consider discounts based on what the market is offering.

How to Create an Ad for Free Ad Websites


Free ad websites allow you to sell anything. However, not all the ads posted catch the attention of web visitors. In most cases, it is because of how these ads have been prepared. Some are ambiguous and incomprehensible. Others provide unclear details that do not make any sense to the visitors. So, how do you prepare the best ad for classified websites?

Identify a target audience
When posting an ad online, you must be targeting a particular social class, gender, industry, etc. Knowing the group well means that you understand their language and how they like their ideas presented. Some categories will focus on the price while others are interested in brand names. Know their consumption behavior and make the advert based on such aspects.

Know the Market
Prices of commodities and services are dictated by prevailing market forces. Knowing what the market offers helps you to set the price and conditions for accessing certain goods and services. With knowledge of other packages available in the market, you will find ways of making your offer more competitive to attract consumers and buyers.

Know the Product
Buyers have numerous options in your category. The information you provide about a certain product will convince the buyer and help him in making a decision. It will make your description more convincing. Knowledge of the product is also essential since you can identify the features that are of interest to users of such a product. Provide as much details as possible using the least number of words.

Understand the site
Different sites offer unique features meant to highlight the products posted. Some sites like allow you to post free classifieds that have images and videos attached. Others provide limited space for product description. You might also be provided with a chance to share the ad on social media. Identify the categories provided and list your product or service in all the categories it falls. Whichever site you choose, make maximum use of the features provided. This will only happen if you know the features.

Talk to the buyer
Ads are meant to convert interest into a sale. Strike a conversation with your buyer in a very friendly and simple tone. When making the description, highlight features of interest and how they provide a solution to the buyer. Be factual and professional in your wording.  The words and graphics you use will be your salesman online. Capture the imagination of the buyer and you will be selling within minutes.