Promote Your Business with Free Classified Ads

Many might not be aware but free classified ads have always been a significant source of income for many small businesses. People make a good living by generating sales using classified ads. Before the internet boom, classified ads were available only in newspapers. But today, there are many free classified ads sites as well.

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There are many promising classified ads websites which give good business. Many of them offer free image, text, colors and border options as well. Although, the costs would be the same as offline classifieds.

Classified Marketing

Today, classified marketing is highly appreciated by many. Hence we see a lot of people ready to sell small items on classified websites online.

Focus on the audience: This is a term which has taken rounds across all marketing channels. The customers are waiting for the right brands to reach them. By focusing on the right audience, one can make better and quicker sales. For example, if your niche is auto related, then one should focus only on auto classifieds, sales, and accessories. If your niche is gardening, then one should focus only on gardening.

High Traffic: The best way to increase your organic traffic is through free classified ads. It will allow promoting your business both online and offline.

Free Advertisement: This is a rare term “Free Advertisement”. The free classified ads site can be a good place to promote your business.

Ads Strategy: Run free ads on the classified site and keep a track on the results. Keep different formats of landing pages to track traffic. You can even think of offering something like a ‘coupon code’ so that one can tell which ads will generate a good response. Once you know which ads generate more response, focus on only those ads. One can also run tests using different titles and images.

The people on free classified ads sites respond quickly as compared to other websites. Product promotion has become really important in business and there are many who use different kinds of marketing strategies. With free classified ads, there is little investment and a good way to generate traffic on the website. These websites attract thousands of visitors per day. The websites are marketing friendly and hence rules are not a problem here.

One can post weekly ads to stay on the top of the business which is not a difficult thing at all. The posting of ads is generally free on classified ads site.


Understanding the Basics

A good free classified ad looks like a telegram, brief and concise.

  • Headline or Title – The job of a good title is to get your ad read.
  • Images – The images should be compelling enough to make a viewer click on your ad.
  • Landing page – A good landing page should be able to get you conversion.

To create compelling ads, one should keep the below points in minds. Keep your reader in mind when creating a good ad. One can keep testing different ads and check which method creates maximum sales.

One should not make a plan to run only one ad and get instant traffic.

Keep a track of the competitors as well. There will be many businesses out there which are selling their products on free classified ads site. If you find some good competition, then the classified website is a good place for advertisement.

Gathering up the right audience will take time and patience. If you keep running your ads constantly your brand becomes known and trusted to the target audience. Once that is done, people will be sure that you are not an overnight company and plan to stay here for a long time.

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Place Ads Online To Promote Small As Well As Large Business

It is often said that a business cannot have existence without marketing. Nowadays, there are various forms of promoting products or services of a company. Whether the business has an only online presence such as e-commerce site or both online as well as offline such as a restaurant that sells fast foods in the local area which displays its food products online as well to reach the online audience. Whatever the business may be and whatever its size may be, placing an advertisement online works wonders. (more…)


How to Post Video Classified Ads

Videos ads have been termed as the best way to sell the product. It takes a minute for your buyer to understand what is on offer. A one minute video will beat pages of description. After all, one can see the quality and features and thus does not need an explanation. How, then do you post video ads on  the classified websites ?

Does the Site Accept Videos Classified Ads ?

Not all classified websites accept videos as part of your post. Inquire and test whether a video will be accepted. Check the size of file allowed for upload as well as the format such a video should be prepared. The video may be accepted as part of a bigger advert that includes photos and descriptions. Sites that accept videos are usually bulky. Provide an option for visitors to view the video without compromising on the message. Consider the languages of your target clients so that the video addresses their concerns.

Prepare a Quality Video

A video clip will only enhance your advert if it is of high quality. How do you make the video effective in passing the message?

  • Professional shooting– Engage a professional photographer to prepare video for you. This guarantees good lighting, the right perspective, good highlights and professional editing. All the important details of your products will be captured.
  • Right length– The standard video for an ad should not exceed five minutes. It should capture all crucial and convincing details within the first two minutes. Allow the viewer to replay further ensure that it includes contact details.
  • Right format– videos come in different formats depending on target viewing platforms. Your potential clients will view your ad through desktops, laptops, mobile devices, etc. Prepare your video in a format that it can be viewed on all these platforms.
  • Include captions– captions enhance the viewing experience. They give explanations where the audio or visual aspects are deficient. They may be done in a different language if your target customers are bilingual. Captions may also include directions, highlights and other aspects that will make it easier to understand what is on sale.
  • Be creative– videos are very captivating when used in advertising. Prepare your advert in such a way that it leaves an impression. Avoid repeating word by word of what is contained in your description. This will be mundane to viewers and visitors. Make the presentation as memorable as possible.

Include a Description

A video along will not popularize your ad. Online video ads must be accompanied by a description. Thus it is important, especially for search engines. Since the content of the video ads is impossible to capture by search engine spiders, the description will make the video or ad easier to capture.

The description accompanying the video must be brief and to the point. It must also capture the important aspects of the product on offer. Include contact details and directions on where your product can be viewed. The description may also include pictures taken using a quality and professional camera as well as from a perfect angle.

There are limitations to using videos. A perfect video will not sell a bad product. On the other hand, a terrible video will send the wrong impression to potential buyers. Pay attention to the quality and appreciate the power of using videos.


Audio Quality

The quality of audio accompanying your video should be high. Record the audio in a professional studio and have it edited to enhance its quality. The images and audio must be synchronized in order to have an impact. Understand the communication language of people targeted by the ad and video. This makes it easier to pass the message. Where multiple languages are used, a viewer should be given an option.


Posting the Video

The use of video classified ads should be strategic. Do not begin with the video at the top. Align your content such that a reader will automatically click on the video upon perusing through the available literature or description. Make the video ads is relevant to your product or advert. Use a caption to make the video easier to capture during a search. With the right length, the quality of Video and description, you will easily capture the attention of potential buyers and make money online.

Get Cheap Clicks and ROI from free advertisement sites in usa

Marketing agents always look for some modest and newest technologies that could give their linked companies a big bump in their growth and make them acquire a good name in the marketing market also. Giving good services at cheap prices is becoming a challenge for the trading agents. What make you renowned in the market are the clicks on your site which is quite difficult for a small or even average businessman to invest in to. The proficient sites like Google, Facebook, Twitter and many more are difficult to acquire with but, there are many sites that offer cheap clicks and high ROI in your prescribed budget only. The free advertising sites in USA are becoming the most popular ones among the people of the country.



To get the wide audience and huge traffic to the budding companies, it is mandatory. The developed companies can introduce their new brands to the people with this strategy. To acquire the instant results, cheap clicks method is like a blessing. More the people view your ad, more the traffic generated to your site. More audience makes your product keyword ranking quite high and makes it much more visible for the user searching for it. In fact, one can target the desired audience by following the appropriate strategy by the click method from the advertisement sites. The high clicks are being tracked by the advertisement companies and will be displayed among the audience. One must choose the unique and frequently used keywords related to your product or item to get maximum clicks from the target audience.

The foremost feature of this advertisement sites are that these are the free advertising sites of USA. One can post their ad for free of cost on these sites and of one lures to get much more services proposed by the advertising sites, they can pay to the site holders. Free posting also offers you testing system to let you analyze whether the keywords finalized by you can profit you in any way or not. If you find them surplus for you, you can pay for those keywords, otherwise not.

Posting your product ad on the online classifieds is another great idea for the product marketing managers. A massive exposure can be acquired through this method. The search engine optimization method can give you massive flood of target audience but one needs to make great efforts to acquire this. Once the people get aware of your product, the clicks will be numerous.

The online posting not only gives you the name in the market but, also gives you an appreciable return on investment ROI on the marketing strategy. It is the profit being accumulated in marketing to the money being invested in the strategies of marketing. The money being invested is the sum of all hard and soft costs by any company. Hard costs are measurable as one can calculate the total amount being spent whereas the soft costs such as labor employed in the whole project cannot be measured accurately. The ROI investment model measures the efficiency of the investment being made in the advertisement sites of USA. The free ads in usa gives good return as per the statistics conducted by the reputed magazine of the country but, the result may vary with time for different products and its usage among people. It helps the marketing team to analyze which advertisement is giving them gain in their work with the advertisement. The profit area is emphasized and accounted with more gain. Many people use this method to generate opportunities for the people but, some make it renowned just for the sake of money profit to them. Using single model of ROI does not make the person understand its tactics but, experimenting with different strategies can let you acknowledge it to more extent.

The cheap click method in free advertisement sites is like a blessing for the marketing team of any company. Different methods can be availed from the sites and the best one can be optimized as per the user’s requirement. It makes you make the proficient decision for your product and esteemed company in the most compatible and efficient way.

How local Classified Sites help USA Local market

In today’s market, selling or buying product is not as easy as it was earlier because the competition is very tough and trading is becoming more demanding with the time.

The worst scenario is for the small business persons who find it quite difficult to make themselves standing one in the market. But, there is something good for them also with the advent of internet technology in our lives. As the usage of net is increasing in the daily lifestyle of people, the marketing strategies are also booming in this technology. With the wide range of advertisement strategies in the market, local classified ads are one of the most profitable implementation in the USA local market. There are number of local classified sites available online now days for the USA countrymen so that they can acquire good information.



These classified ads not only benefit the marketing companies but, also the people of USA who want to buy any kind of product online or from some conventional shop in the market. The appealing feature that attracts the mass is that it is available free for anyone to create their account and use it as much as they want. While, to avail the special offers of the sites, they need to pay as per the site’s fees. It attracts a large number of traffic towards it as it is available for any naive user also. These local classified sites  not only prescribes the product name but, also gives the brief detail of the product, its usage and pictures too for the user to visualize the item properly. For a better result, it is advisable to post the product ads on the local sites as people like to avail for the product that is available in their local market so that they can reach to the required place quickly. To find the favorite item of your interest with no marketing cost, it is considered to be the proficient place by the marketing agents. Additionally, it gives you a full proof record of your potential customers, number of viewers and readers of your respective ad.

Gone are those days when only jobs and real estate was being posted in classified category. Now, every commodity of your lifestyle can be found online of your interest and likes. The local classified ads get immediate response from the local people of the country and thus, get their desired result in a quick manner. Also, it is easy to avail the people of local region than availing the people sitting far distance from you. This marketing strategy has pleased every small or big business owner and the league of the people joining this is extending minute by minute. Some of the most famous local classified sites of USA are,,,, olxUSA, and many more. The list of sites goes on with every site offering unique types of services but the motive of all is same i.e. to advertise the products. Here, one can find the best product sitting at their comfort zone only and then go for any final decision.

To expand the business in the most predominant way, this is the best method on internet. Not only a certain product of your company is being advertised but, you brand will be renowned in the online market and will be taken to a higher level. The user going through a certain product of your company online may also link to your website and go through the other products that he or she may buy in future. This way you are growing immensely in web. Through conventional methods of marketing, it requires much time, money and efforts of the person to reach the local audience even but, the online marketing strategy of classified ads gets you through the local masses with some postings only.

It is considered pretty apt for the users who do not have huge budget for their marketing of products but still luring for the good potential customers. Well, who does not wants the good earning with less investment.

Local Classified sites gives an easy reach to both customers and the company who wants to sell their products.

How to Create an Ad for Free Ad Websites


Free ad websites allow you to sell anything. However, not all the ads posted catch the attention of web visitors. In most cases, it is because of how these ads have been prepared. Some are ambiguous and incomprehensible. Others provide unclear details that do not make any sense to the visitors. So, how do you prepare the best ad for classified websites?

Identify a target audience
When posting an ad online, you must be targeting a particular social class, gender, industry, etc. Knowing the group well means that you understand their language and how they like their ideas presented. Some categories will focus on the price while others are interested in brand names. Know their consumption behavior and make the advert based on such aspects.

Know the Market
Prices of commodities and services are dictated by prevailing market forces. Knowing what the market offers helps you to set the price and conditions for accessing certain goods and services. With knowledge of other packages available in the market, you will find ways of making your offer more competitive to attract consumers and buyers.

Know the Product
Buyers have numerous options in your category. The information you provide about a certain product will convince the buyer and help him in making a decision. It will make your description more convincing. Knowledge of the product is also essential since you can identify the features that are of interest to users of such a product. Provide as much details as possible using the least number of words.

Understand the site
Different sites offer unique features meant to highlight the products posted. Some sites like allow you to post free classifieds that have images and videos attached. Others provide limited space for product description. You might also be provided with a chance to share the ad on social media. Identify the categories provided and list your product or service in all the categories it falls. Whichever site you choose, make maximum use of the features provided. This will only happen if you know the features.

Talk to the buyer
Ads are meant to convert interest into a sale. Strike a conversation with your buyer in a very friendly and simple tone. When making the description, highlight features of interest and how they provide a solution to the buyer. Be factual and professional in your wording.  The words and graphics you use will be your salesman online. Capture the imagination of the buyer and you will be selling within minutes.

Watch your business grow with free classified ads

Online advertising is the in-thing today. It is a platform where interested buyers and sellers meet and do business. Here you find both sellers and buyers wanting to trade.

 You may want to sell used stuff and make some money or replace it with new and latest designed items. Someone may be looking out for a rented accommodation while some others may want to lease out their property. Job seekers can post their resumes while one may post their requirements, offering part-time/full time jobs. Buy, sell or trade in the website sitting in the comfort of your home or office at any time.  Post your advertisement, free of cost, with an online classified ads website like brings a lot of benefits. The ads are time-bound (in case of 10daysads, ads will remain available, across the globe – anywhere you want for 10 days) and gains from traction resulting out of serious visitor inflow. One can find every item – to be bought or sold – precisely sorted in different categories and thus making the search so much easier!

7Grab the attention of viewers

Describe your product in clear words and highlight the benefits of your product when you post free classified ads. Give a catchy title so that it interests the viewers immediately. There will be hundreds of sellers offering similar products so ensure your ad stands out in the crowd in these ads.

Confidential and Privacy maintained:

Many find it embarrassing to buy certain items meant for the adults like a few lingerie or sex toys. One cannot trust all online websites to be offering safe and reliable products and keeping your mail and shipping address confidential. Here with 10dayads, you can be assured all your correspondence, including your mail address will strictly not be revealed to any sources. You can find video ads also with details when you browse the Your Adult Playground category. It is strictly for adults and you need to submit your age proof when you buy or sell in this category.

Get in touch with now. You can advertise free of cost and find buyers and sellers from various cities.

The World Wide Web: Advertise Online For Better Coverage and Value

The Internet, or the World Wide Web (WWW), is perhaps the greatest technological feat mankind ever achieved with regards to communication. For it not only overcame physical and geographical barriers, but it also sets the pace for a competition and lay out an even level for that competition to take place – and that too, at an international level.

After all, the term “Global Village” only came to be after the World Wide Web begun showing its influence in the form of an expansive interconnection between the countries and peoples wide across the globe. An event that was unlike anything before! Businesses have taken the most advantage of the WWW! And among all that are there to take advantage of, thanks to features such as free advertising online, free blogs, and websites – for businesses and individuals there are so many more options to present their capabilities for the world to see now.

The internet, with this, has stamped its presence as the most extensive medium for mass communication ever made!

Business & Online Advertising: Hand in Hand!

Considering the nature of the Internet and how far it has developed in connecting all corners of the world, it is safe to say that a business which knows how to take advantage of the Internet’s features and services will no doubt have a better edge than those that do not.

One of the greatest features of the online platform (for business) though – are its free advertising avenues. In fact, free advertising online is one of the main reasons businesses have shifted to work on the Internet. Even better, newspapers all have an online portal now, meaning that newspaper classifieds usually have corresponding online classifieds as well. And most (if not all) of them are free too!


There are a number of websites that individuals and businesses alike can use for posting free advertisements. Many websites allow you to post free classified ads as well. There are even websites that cater to free classifieds exclusively for a limited period of time – albeit ensuring better penetration, flexibility in terms of the ad types (videos, texts, images – you name it), and extensive geographical reach! Meaning that for the count of days that ads are available, a business/product/service enjoys the maximum outreach and viability. And there are paid sites also!

So, really, if you have an advertisement or a number of advertisements to post, in today’s world, you’re really spoilt for choice! Just a quick online search will yield a number of free advertising websites that you can post your ads on – and enjoy the possibilities in store!