5 Things To Avoid When Running A Classified Website

Running a classified website is as competitive as running any other website. The growing number of online users has made the classified business quite lucrative. Nowadays, starting a website is not a big challenge but making it successful is definitely challenging. Before stepping into this field, you should have the clear ideas of the challenges that you may need to face as well as the things you should avoid for making your business a successful one. Let us understand and analyze what are the things you should be careful of while running a classified website:

  1. Not Focusing on Intensive Marketing

A website without marketing has no existence on the web. SEO which stands for search engine optimization is a crucial factor involved in online marketing. Your classified site should stand among the top classified sites when users search in Google. Being placed in the first and second pages in the search results of Google would attract a lot of traffic towards your website and you can find various potential clients as well in this way.

Hence, if you are not focusing on online marketing of your website, you are making a big mistake. Try investing some amount in this area by hiring an SEO or Online Marketer who can assist you to boost up keyword ranking of your website in the search engines. You may invest your funds according to your budget and let yourself be marketed online on a monthly basis.

  1. Not Paying Attention on Website Speed

Users interested in posting classified ads just hate those sites that keep on loading and loading. Some sites get hung in between or have a lot of website issues that make the end user experience an extremely tedious one. If your website is too slow to load correctly, you would be losing out potential users and reputation of your site on the internet would not be good enough.

Get your website checked by a web developer and remove all those website structures that reduce the speed of your website on the web. Other than this, you can also verify the mobile loading speed and mobile interface of your website because many people prefer using mobiles for submitting classified ads nowadays.

  1. Not Monitoring Spam Listings on your Website

One of the key issues that free advertising sites experience is that many people start posting spam listings as these are free of cost. Though allowing to post for free is definitely a good strategy to grab thousands of users who like to register on the classified site but the site admin should monitor the listings as well to avoid spam content being posted on the site.

Submission of spam listings lowers down the popularity and reputation of the classified site. Thus, as an owner of free advertising sites, you should avoid permitting spam classifieds on your website in order to build trust in the eyes of your potential users.

  1. Not Analyzing Competitors Before Launching your Website

Running classifieds online is a huge business now that attracts massive audience to post classified ads including buyers and sellers. There are already many giant players in the market such as Craigslist, Gumtree etc. that one cannot avoid. However, there is always a key to establish yourself as a newbie if you intend to provide a better product for your potential customers.

It is not at all impossible to find a space in the highly competitive market when you have the idea of what advantage your classified site is going to bring for the online users. Before running your classified business, it is always better to analyze competition in the market in order to provide improved and quality services to your customers.

  1. Not Running a Blog on your Website

Many classified site owners do not consider it important to run a blog on their website. There are many reasons why you should have a blog on your website. A blog is, first of all, a platform where you update new content every week. From SEO point of view, it adds a lot of value towards website ranking if content on a website stays fresh and updated. Another advantage of adding a blog is that it attracts traffic to a website. Users who read posts online on blogs prefer using those websites that have an active blog. It is one of the important aspects of brand building as well. Thus, posting blog posts on your website really boosts up your business and its marketing on the web.

Apart from all the above things to avoid for successfully running your classified site, there are many other things to be kept in mind. One aspect is the belief that you do not need to consider targeting a niche and you can rather keep it wide or open for broad areas such as Asia, US, worldwide etc.

Though there is nothing wrong in believing so, but niches or local areas should also not be completely avoided for targeting. First, you may get in touch with the local suppliers or dealers and let them post on your website. Constant and regular posting from such publishers would increase visibility and trustworthiness among the users in your area. And afterwards, when you get your website reviewed with good star rating, you can widen its promotion to other parts of the world as well.

It is not about limiting yourself to a particular geographical location but strategically targeting the area for expanding it with time. Of course, you can go ahead with niche marketing if you have big investors to fund your project. Overall, you should start with a particular niche and broaden your business scope further to build it to as much larger extent as possible. Remember that building a website is easy but running it well and generating good revenue take time as well as efforts while you also need to consider some essential tips in your mind to avoid major pitfalls before launching your business in the world of advertising

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Secrets Behind a Successful Classifieds

Classified ads are short, succinct and straightforward advertisements that were traditionally carried in newspapers, magazines and other print media. With the advent of digital technology, they are common in websites and online platforms. Studies suggest that 50% of all Internet visitors browse classifieds websites at least once a week.


If you are looking for ways to make your online classifieds successful, you have come to the right place. Firstly, identify enlisters and directories that are relevant to your niche and authenticate them. Some classifieds websites may be relevant for a restaurant but not for a health clinic.

Secret #1: Add Great Content

This is perhaps your biggest challenge after short listing the websites where you want your classifieds to appear. Here, meta data needs to be persuasive, deep and converting. The saying that ‘content in digital communication is king’ perhaps applies here more than it does elsewhere. After all, you are competing with thousands of other businesses for a limited number of eyeballs.

Meta data includes images of your products, services and business. It also includes the description and pricing of your services or products. Tell your audiences where your store, business or company is based as well as its rating. If you are able to capture these in a clear-cut way, you are on your way to defeating competition. Ensure that you use target keywords generously and naturally.

Secret #2: Use Free Advertising

Most sites require an easy and straightforward submission procedure for ads. These are especially useful if your competitors are not already using them. While some are free, most will request a submission fee from you. As they are affordable, test a few of these and learn their impact.

It makes sense to exploit all free avenues before embarking on a paid campaign. Capitalize on free classified websites that realize most traffic. With time, you will graduate into PPC having understood the basics of advertising in each platform of specific niches.

Secret #3: Explore Paid Advertising

Online enlisters broadcast winning ads to the highest number of audiences. However, do not plunge into paid advertising unless you are convinced that this avenue actually translates to views. It is futile to pay and have no response. It is more prudent to fail to connect with prospective customers with a free classified than with a PPC ad.

Be careful with PPC. You may end up depleting your budget with little or no credible audience pulled to the classified ads. For example, people are likely to click on the ad only to hit the back button if they do not find what they are looking for. To reduce or eliminate this problem, ensure that the ads are specific to products or services.

Secret #5: Do Not Forget Traditional Strategies

For you to hit success with classified ads, treat them as you would treat any other online communication. For example, make the click and redirecting process simple, user friendly and interesting. If people have to go through numerous processes for navigation, know that your classified ads are not user friendly.

Use photo and infographic ads to increase attention to the ads and trustworthiness to your business. Include local ads powered by geographical targeting so that local customers find you easily. Clean up and update old or expired ads for users to have better experience. Do not clutter ads in a way that is likely to confuse or frustrate searchers.

Secret #6: Social Media

Embed social media buttons on your classified ads websites so that audiences can share and like. Such backlinks not only increase the number of people who actually see your classifieds; they increase your page rankings on search engine results pages. Examples are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Google +.

Linking the classified ads to social networks encourages people to share or mention your business, product or service to their friends, family, colleagues and followers. Ensure that the content has a great first impression. Remember that online traffic has less than 5 seconds to decide whether to continue reading web content or to hit the back button.


The greatest secret to success in a classifieds is creating content with outstanding depth. Make genuine, unique, diverse and original listings in your particular niche. People should regard you as the ultimate one-stop shop for a particular niche.

Watch your business grow with free classified ads

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7Grab the attention of viewers

Describe your product in clear words and highlight the benefits of your product when you post free classified ads. Give a catchy title so that it interests the viewers immediately. There will be hundreds of sellers offering similar products so ensure your ad stands out in the crowd in these ads.

Confidential and Privacy maintained:

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The World Wide Web: Advertise Online For Better Coverage and Value

The Internet, or the World Wide Web (WWW), is perhaps the greatest technological feat mankind ever achieved with regards to communication. For it not only overcame physical and geographical barriers, but it also sets the pace for a competition and lay out an even level for that competition to take place – and that too, at an international level.

After all, the term “Global Village” only came to be after the World Wide Web begun showing its influence in the form of an expansive interconnection between the countries and peoples wide across the globe. An event that was unlike anything before! Businesses have taken the most advantage of the WWW! And among all that are there to take advantage of, thanks to features such as free advertising online, free blogs, and websites – for businesses and individuals there are so many more options to present their capabilities for the world to see now.

The internet, with this, has stamped its presence as the most extensive medium for mass communication ever made!

Business & Online Advertising: Hand in Hand!

Considering the nature of the Internet and how far it has developed in connecting all corners of the world, it is safe to say that a business which knows how to take advantage of the Internet’s features and services will no doubt have a better edge than those that do not.

One of the greatest features of the online platform (for business) though – are its free advertising avenues. In fact, free advertising online is one of the main reasons businesses have shifted to work on the Internet. Even better, newspapers all have an online portal now, meaning that newspaper classifieds usually have corresponding online classifieds as well. And most (if not all) of them are free too!


There are a number of websites that individuals and businesses alike can use for posting free advertisements. Many websites allow you to post free classified ads as well. There are even websites that cater to free classifieds exclusively for a limited period of time – albeit ensuring better penetration, flexibility in terms of the ad types (videos, texts, images – you name it), and extensive geographical reach! Meaning that for the count of days that ads are available, a business/product/service enjoys the maximum outreach and viability. And there are paid sites also!

So, really, if you have an advertisement or a number of advertisements to post, in today’s world, you’re really spoilt for choice! Just a quick online search will yield a number of free advertising websites that you can post your ads on – and enjoy the possibilities in store!