10+ top notch features of Facebook instant Articles

A Facebook Instant article is a virgin application by the company to give an astonishing experience to its users. This app is more interactive and interesting for the people who love to read and not to forget, even for the product owners who can advertise their products through this modest feature of Facebook. This app will be available to all the users from April 2016 as per declared by the company commanders.

Some of the features of the Facebook Instant Articles are prescribed below

  • Build your articles from HTML5: the publishers can make an instant article from the most user friendly platform i.e. HTLM5. Few tags are to be put and you get your desired article as a post on facebook. It not only makes beautiful presentations but, also saves your time by allowing you to reuse the codes and make it done for another articles also of your website.
  • Available to all android and Iphone users: the app will be available to all the Android mobile phone users and Iphone users. They can get it download from their play store and synchronize with their personal account to get daily updates. The version required by Iphone users is 30.0 and ios 7 or above while the android users requires to have Android Version 57 and Jelly Bean or above to get the experience of Instant articles in their smart phones.
  • Publish articles at a single location: the user requires publishing the article at a single location only and they can direct it to their website, mobile app or some place they want to link it to. After the set up of RSS feed in the user’s system, the articles can be published directly from the CMS (Content Management System). As you update your website with a new article, it will be loaded in the Facebook instant articles category. In fact, even the minutest rectification in any of article is being tracked and implemented directly to all the places where content has been posted.
  • Pleasing view to readers: with its hugh quality fluid content and addition of templates in the articles, readers can relish their time of going through the instant articles.
  • Fast uploading speed: the speed of the instant article to get uploaded in your account is ten times much faster than that of other apps in the mobile browsers.
  • Modern view for readers: people can expect the HD videos and pictures in the instant articles and the auto play feature for the videos. In fact, there are audio caption embedded in it to make it more interactive.
  • Publishers are master: all the commands lie in the hands of the publishers only. They know better what to share and where to share at what time. They can choose the template of their choice to blossom up the dignity of their brand in the more enhanced way.
  • Simple to run: it is an easy platform for both publishers as well as the readers. The publishers once require to set up the RSS feed and synchronize the account with the facebook and all is done. Now, just update your work with new captivating articles.
  • Ideal spot for the advertisements: it is most likely to become the favorite place for the marketing league as one can sell their ads in the contents. Promote your products or sell your products through the instant article. They category of article you want to give depends entirely upon the publisher. They can take a big advantage of the Facebook Audience to grab more attention and get more traffic for their article.
  • Sharing with Facebook Instant article: sharing is possible with this app as users can acknowledge easily if any link is posted on your Facebook wall is instant article or not as the instant articles are always connected to a website’s url. Viewing the instant articles does not require any particular platform or software but, just a facebook page and website’s url is required.

The Facebook Instant article will probably be the next gem of the facebook company that will make people ideal of it and make every age group people attract towards it.