Classified Ads Websites: Online Source of Selling & Buying Used Items

You have probably heard of online marketing and even tried it. You have spent a lot of money on SEO and creating the best e-commerce store yet you have not made any breakthrough. It is time to try classified websites. You may be asking what this means. This is a platform where you post your ad for free. It is a meeting place for buyers and sellers with an assured global traffic.

Classified Ads Website

How different are these websites and what benefits do you get? The websites bring together buyers and sellers from all over the world. This means a wide range of goods and services are available. Just like a mall, it is an attractive meeting point where you buy and sell with confidence.

How do I begin selling on classified ads websites?

The website operates on account basis. This means that you are required to register your account to post an item. The registration process is easy where you are asked to provide your name and email. These personal details are never shared with third parties or used for any other purpose. With an account you are now ready to post your goods and services.

What Can I Sell or Buy?

Buy sell trade websites are open to all goods and services. Doesn’t this mean congestion and the inability to see items on sale? Not really. There are categories where you post an item to ease the search for potential buyers and make your item easy to find. For instance, if you are selling a television set, you can post it under the ‘appliances’ section.

Other sections include toys, pets, fashion, jewelry, used items, travel, education, cars, electronics, music and instruments, adults only, etc. You will also find such services as adult dating, accommodation, local places, community activities and sporting, among others. 10dayads also provides a section for employment. This is a mall with traffic from all over the world and offering everything you can think about.

Localized Services

There is an aspect of localized services where you sell or buy good near you. Buyers want to buy an item from a place that is convenient to transport. The best classified websites allow you indicate the location of the item on sale. A buyer is thus able to make a decision whether to buy or not. The sites are also integrated with shipping and logistic companies to enable you deliver the goods with ease.

How to Create a Free Classified Ad

Your ad is your ambassador online. It will make your item attractive or repel potential sellers. Creating the ad is a very simple process. With your account, you will click on the ‘ad’ section where prompts will emerge. This is where you indicate the name, type of item, the category it will fall under, your location, contact details and the price.

Your ad should be as descriptive as possible. Indicate whether it is new or use. Further indicate the brand, model or series, color and working condition. The best ad has an image of the item on sale. Use high quality camera to take the pictures. You are allowed to use several images. This means that you take images from different angles.

Videos have turnout to be the best selling tools online. Their interactive nature and ability to explain exhaustively make them ever more attractive. Shoot a video of the item on sale. Use adequate lighting and capture as many features as possible. It is even more beneficial to film the item in operation as proof that it is in good working condition. The idea is that when you post free ads on the website, the potential buyer believes in your product.

Free ads websites give you access to global traffic. With the ability to share your post or item on social media, the ad will get to as many people as possible. The website screen ads for spam and scams to protect its reputation and shield buyers. This is your best bet when selling goods or services.