How to Use Free Classified Ads Sites and Maximize Conversion Rate/Sales


For those people who operate small home business, online marketing is critical when making for sales. Free classified ads sites offer a good platform to post free ads. This is convenient for the owners who do not have to spend alot of money on marketing. With this free platform, you are only supposed to create free ads and post them on these sites. The most important thing is to come up with creative and catchy ads that will work the best for you and your business.


There are several factors you need to consider before preparing an ad. It is critical for your business to be registered and licensed. You must have legitimate products or services that you want to promote. This increases the credibility of the business because customers want to be associated with legitimate business. Clients or potential customers should be able to verify your business details and location. You need to create a catch phrase or a simple description of what you do. This enables potential clients to understand exactly what your business has to offer. Some business owners use their business cards as the ad itself.

Look for the classified category that match your product or service

The biggest way to maximize the opportunity to post free ads is to choose classified category that match with the clients you want to reach. For instant, you cannot place a free ad on car category if you are selling brand name hand bags. There is need to match your product with the right category and place your ad strategically on this classified ads sites.

Learn when to place an ad

Free marketing on the web is important for you to get your business name, products and services out there. However, to fully maximize the opportunity, there are certain times to make use of these free ads sites which depend on your business cycle. For example, many people pay their mortgage and rent in the beginning of the month. It is therefore appropriate for you to post free ad with a discount or coupon attached to it in the first days of the month. Most people love discounts especially during lean times.

Include accurate description

In addition to writing a clever tag line, you should also include your contact information in the ads. This does not necessarily mean putting your phone number; you can include a link back to your own website. The more potential customers you get to visit your website, the better for your business and this means more sales.
Internet advertising through free classified ads sites is a smart way to boost sales for your business. One key benefit of taking advantage of this platform is the fact that it does not cost you money to place ads. It does not take much effort to create free ad on these free classified ads sites. Choose the right website that is user friendly and easy to navigate. This allows your potential customers to navigate through and get relevant information regarding your product.

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