Idea For Lead Generation Via Promoted Free Ad Websites

In the digitized world, there are plenty of ways available for generating leads which is the process of sales conversion. By definition, lead generation is about collecting the contact information of potential customers and asking for permissions to contact them regarding your company offers. In the highly competitive marketing environment, it can become confusing for businesses on how to successfully generate leads that convert. There are several strategies for generating leads out of which using the free classified ads website is quite an effective one. Below are mentioned some of the top ideas for lead generation via promoted free ad websites that can lead to inimitable ROI:

Free Ad Websites

Post Multiple Free Classifieds

Post free ads on classified ads websites and you would find it the best economical method of promoting your business. Depending upon your business type, search the appropriate category on the classified site and post a compelling ad. Also, you can post multiple free ads for different products or services you offer in the market. This would expand visibility of your website in a wide range of categories leading to more promotion. For example, if you are a retailer and sell various digital devices such as smart phone, tablet, desktop, laptop and computer accessories, you can post free ads in the five respective categories.

Target Local Buyers

Local buyers are the most potential customers of any business that can’t be ignored at all. For this reason, posting some classifieds on the locations that are nearby your business would work wonder. Many classified sites bring the option of adding area codes. By putting the appropriate area code along with your ad, you can target the local customers easily. However, this does not mean that you should not target global customers. You may post your ads irrespective of the location but you should definitely post ads that are localized.

Post Video Ads

In a study, it has been observed that 65% people are visual learners, which implies that people learn fast about a promoted product or service through a video than textual information. Moreover, since it hardly takes few seconds to minutes to watch a video, it leaves a great impact on the customer’s minds. According to one case study, a video that explains a product has up to 33% chances of lead generation. Hence, posting video ads on classified websites would be more influential and attractive. Engagement is the key to grab customer’s attention and videos work perfectly in the best way to engage the customers and inspire them to take action.

Create Compelling Content for Ads

Content is the king for making your business to persuade your customers to buy your services or products. Spend time effectively to brainstorm for the right content. Before you start writing the content of your ad for classified websites, think about your target audience, know their needs and create an incredibly useful content. Your content should speak about the reality and should not appear as if you are misguiding the consumers. Also, content should be diversely designed according to each sales cycle. For instance, there may be consumers who just want to know about basic details of your product but there may be some who would like to get deep into the technical specifications of your product. Hence, you should develop ad content that pleases every type of customer.

Add Call to Action

In every type of website ad, it is mandatory to leave your business contact information. Including your website address, email address, phone number and toll-free number in your classified ad can make your business fully accessible to the customers. Apart from this, adding good contact details about your business builds trust and credibility in the eyes of customers. While you do so, it is also essential to update your website since customers would like to visit your website to know more about your business or in other words, it would act as a mirror for your business. Ads posted on free classified ads website enable you to introduce your website to your customers but at the end, it is your website that would compel the customers to call you.

Make sure you have call to action on your website as well. Your landing page should have all the required information and it should be user-friendly also. Make sure there are no issues in your installed shopping carts and all the payment methods are properly included in your web page.

SEO Optimized your Ads

There can’t be a better method of increasing visibility of your ads than SEO optimizing your website. In your ad content, you can include the keywords and repeat them by keeping 1-3% density. You will see that your ad would not only be shown higher in the free ad website but in the search engine results as well. Thus, it would be a great idea of free online advertising when you write SEO optimized content for your classifieds.

Include Social Media Links

Social media is the biggest platform nowadays to find potential customers. Face book, Twitter and LinkedIn are the topmost social media channels where millions of users have registered themselves. Leaving links of your official pages of these social media channels can leads to free online advertising of your business.

Other than this, since the users may be visiting your social media pages, you need to ensure that you have been updating them on a regular basis. Publish attractive posts with images on your social pages and engage with users online. Replying to comments by users and sharing useful posts for your target audience definitely improve the reputation of your business allowing the customers to call you for further details of your services.

Apart from the above ideas, keep on building up new leads through email marketing campaigns, answering customer’s questions on forums, holding online events, conducting online seminars, participating in discussion forums, content marketing, social media bookmarking, posting on communities at Google+ or Face book groups, publishing brochures, articles, blogs, presentations online which can have a great effect on your brand reputation assisting you with indirect lead generation.