Make Your Classified Ad Stand Out on Free Advertising Site

One of the greatest challenges you will encounter when creating a post on free ad websites is how to beat your competition in order to be seen. This is important because, without standing out, the chances of being noticed are reduced to almost nil. You should not place the ad hoping that people will notice you and buy or make inquiries.

Classified Ad

But with a batch of highly creative ad designers, how can you beat their competition?

  • Complete the details of the item on sale.

Potential buyers use these details to determine whether they buy or not. If the details are missing, it will be impossible to sell. These details must also be accurate and updated. You may lose on a sale if your details are not updated.

  • Name of the item
  • Is it on sale or being rented
  • Where is it located or how can a customer access it?
  • What are the distinguishing features of your product?
  • What is the price and which are the payment terms?

These details give a person viewing your website a comprehensive picture of what is on offer. It is these details that enable him to make a decision whether to buy or skip to the next item.

Create an Excellent Description

Websites that provide free advertising online have a slot for product description. This slot gives you a chance to explain to the potential buyer what he can expect from your product or service. You also have an opportunity to go beyond the basic facts about the products or services. This is your chance to give the unique or intriguing details about what you are offering.

For instance, if you are selling property, this is your chance to give a brief history of the house. What materials have been used, designer, past occupants, neighbors, etc. This is information that cannot be copy pasted. It must be extremely unique and attractive to a buyer.


  • Include Professionally Taken Photographs

There was a reason it was said that a photo is worth a thousand words. This also applies to products on a classified website. Since it is impossible for everyone interested in your product to view it physically, they will rely on pictures to make their decision. Such pictures must be taken by a professional so that aspects like angle and lighting are captured perfectly.

Ensure that the background used for the photo is clear and adds value. Use a clear background that does not distract a buyer looking at your images. The images should highlight the unique features that are supposed to attract the attention of a potential buyer. There are enough apps to help enhance the quality of your images. However, do not make these images too fancy that you appear like a joker.


  • What is Your Title?

Your ad needs to be titled appropriately. For instance, it you are selling a laptop on a free advertising site, using the title “laptop” will not capture the attention of any potential buyer. However, if you include words like smart, long battery life, wide screen, solar charged, etc, the title will indicate something more than the mere laptop that everyone knows.

The title should capture the interests of your target audience. It must reflect the features potential buyers in that class could be looking for. For instance, software developers could be looking for space, speed, and sophisticated smart features. A writer could be looking for rich keyboard features and the programs installed. Understand what your buyers want and capture it on the title.


  • Update the Ad

If a buyer always encounters the same ad, he is likely to ignore it the second and third time. However, when words are changed, one will view the item as a new addition and click on it when making a search. Include new information that makes the ad to appear current and attractive.

It takes creativity to make your ad stand out on US classifieds websites. This creativity must not be exaggerated. It must also never overshadow the need to provide the crucial basic details.