Market Your Business with Free Online Advertising

Just like a market or mall in real life, the internet has its own gathering point for buyers. Yes, a place where people come from allover the world to search for goods and services, only this time it is online. What if you got a space here for free? This is what 10dayads provides.

10dayads is a platform where you post your goods and services for free. It attracts traffic from allover the world, which increases your catchment area. You have a chance to sell to people from allover the world without setting up a shop.

free online advertising

How 10daydas Works

Anyone is at liberty to open the website and create an account. This is an ordinary account where you give your name, address and interest for identification purposes. There are no charges for opening the account and neither is the information sold to third parties. The account helps you to post your wares, track sale and communicate with potential buyers.

With an account, you can now enjoy free online advertising for your goods and services. An account gives you the freedom to post your ads. The ad could be in form of text, images or even a video. This is an assurance that the buyer will have a satisfactory or all rounded view of the items on sale. Provision of different viewing options increases the chances of making a sale.

There are different categories where you can post your items. The categories include antiques or collectables, music, employment (for services), appliances, art, fashion, pets, phones, furniture, baby items, etc. If an item can fit into two categories or more, you are required to tag these categories. There are as many categories as you can imagine.

Categories make it easy for buyers to search your item. One does not have to peruse through the millions of items posted to get what he or she wants. With a simple search, the item will be revealed. In fact, there are both new and old items on sale. It is therefore an open market where you get a front store for free.

Advantages of Using 10dayads

Beyond the fact that the website offers free advertising online and delivers global traffic, there are other benefits you stand to reap from selling your wares here.

  • The ads or items on sale are always fresh. The website is automated to give preference to adds based on their posting day. An item remains posted for only ten days. This means access to high quality and fresh items at all times.
  • Using videos- videos are the future of marketing and advertising. They are more interactive and give a buyer better view of the product. The site allows you to upload a video which increases you chances of selling.
  • Multiple posting- the site allows you to post under different categories. For instance, you can post a necklace under fashion, jewelry, etc. This increases exposure and in the process the chances of making a sale.
  • Local posting- there are items that are best sold to locals because of viewing and shipping logistics. The site allows you to localize your ad and item. People searching for items within a particular jurisdiction will find you easily.

There are features of the website that make it even more attractive to use. Items can be searched online from any location. Each ad has a provision for shipping. It thus acts like a shop. The search is usually very specific making it easier for buyers in particular localities.

The website allows you to share your ad on social networks including facebook, pinterest, twitter, instagram and Google +, among others. This will increase visibility.

There are no commissions charged on making the sale. This means that you retain all the money earned. While you enjoy free business marketing, you can also buy other goods and services. The ads are screened before being broadcast to keep away scams and spam. This guarantees a clean and quality market place for all types of goods and services.