How to Post Video Classified Ads

Videos ads have been termed as the best way to sell the product. It takes a minute for your buyer to understand what is on offer. A one minute video will beat pages of description. After all, one can see the quality and features and thus does not need an explanation. How, then do you post video ads on  the classified websites ?

Does the Site Accept Videos Classified Ads ?

Not all classified websites accept videos as part of your post. Inquire and test whether a video will be accepted. Check the size of file allowed for upload as well as the format such a video should be prepared. The video may be accepted as part of a bigger advert that includes photos and descriptions. Sites that accept videos are usually bulky. Provide an option for visitors to view the video without compromising on the message. Consider the languages of your target clients so that the video addresses their concerns.

Prepare a Quality Video

A video clip will only enhance your advert if it is of high quality. How do you make the video effective in passing the message?

  • Professional shooting– Engage a professional photographer to prepare video for you. This guarantees good lighting, the right perspective, good highlights and professional editing. All the important details of your products will be captured.
  • Right length– The standard video for an ad should not exceed five minutes. It should capture all crucial and convincing details within the first two minutes. Allow the viewer to replay further ensure that it includes contact details.
  • Right format– videos come in different formats depending on target viewing platforms. Your potential clients will view your ad through desktops, laptops, mobile devices, etc. Prepare your video in a format that it can be viewed on all these platforms.
  • Include captions– captions enhance the viewing experience. They give explanations where the audio or visual aspects are deficient. They may be done in a different language if your target customers are bilingual. Captions may also include directions, highlights and other aspects that will make it easier to understand what is on sale.
  • Be creative– videos are very captivating when used in advertising. Prepare your advert in such a way that it leaves an impression. Avoid repeating word by word of what is contained in your description. This will be mundane to viewers and visitors. Make the presentation as memorable as possible.

Include a Description

A video along will not popularize your ad. Online video ads must be accompanied by a description. Thus it is important, especially for search engines. Since the content of the video ads is impossible to capture by search engine spiders, the description will make the video or ad easier to capture.

The description accompanying the video must be brief and to the point. It must also capture the important aspects of the product on offer. Include contact details and directions on where your product can be viewed. The description may also include pictures taken using a quality and professional camera as well as from a perfect angle.

There are limitations to using videos. A perfect video will not sell a bad product. On the other hand, a terrible video will send the wrong impression to potential buyers. Pay attention to the quality and appreciate the power of using videos.


Audio Quality

The quality of audio accompanying your video should be high. Record the audio in a professional studio and have it edited to enhance its quality. The images and audio must be synchronized in order to have an impact. Understand the communication language of people targeted by the ad and video. This makes it easier to pass the message. Where multiple languages are used, a viewer should be given an option.


Posting the Video

The use of video classified ads should be strategic. Do not begin with the video at the top. Align your content such that a reader will automatically click on the video upon perusing through the available literature or description. Make the video ads is relevant to your product or advert. Use a caption to make the video easier to capture during a search. With the right length, the quality of Video and description, you will easily capture the attention of potential buyers and make money online.

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