Promote Your Business with Free Classified Ads

Many might not be aware but free classified ads have always been a significant source of income for many small businesses. People make a good living by generating sales using classified ads. Before the internet boom, classified ads were available only in newspapers. But today, there are many free classified ads sites as well.

free classified ads

There are many promising classified ads websites which give good business. Many of them offer free image, text, colors and border options as well. Although, the costs would be the same as offline classifieds.

Classified Marketing

Today, classified marketing is highly appreciated by many. Hence we see a lot of people ready to sell small items on classified websites online.

Focus on the audience: This is a term which has taken rounds across all marketing channels. The customers are waiting for the right brands to reach them. By focusing on the right audience, one can make better and quicker sales. For example, if your niche is auto related, then one should focus only on auto classifieds, sales, and accessories. If your niche is gardening, then one should focus only on gardening.

High Traffic: The best way to increase your organic traffic is through free classified ads. It will allow promoting your business both online and offline.

Free Advertisement: This is a rare term “Free Advertisement”. The free classified ads site can be a good place to promote your business.

Ads Strategy: Run free ads on the classified site and keep a track on the results. Keep different formats of landing pages to track traffic. You can even think of offering something like a ‘coupon code’ so that one can tell which ads will generate a good response. Once you know which ads generate more response, focus on only those ads. One can also run tests using different titles and images.

The people on free classified ads sites respond quickly as compared to other websites. Product promotion has become really important in business and there are many who use different kinds of marketing strategies. With free classified ads, there is little investment and a good way to generate traffic on the website. These websites attract thousands of visitors per day. The websites are marketing friendly and hence rules are not a problem here.

One can post weekly ads to stay on the top of the business which is not a difficult thing at all. The posting of ads is generally free on classified ads site.


Understanding the Basics

A good free classified ad looks like a telegram, brief and concise.

  • Headline or Title – The job of a good title is to get your ad read.
  • Images – The images should be compelling enough to make a viewer click on your ad.
  • Landing page – A good landing page should be able to get you conversion.

To create compelling ads, one should keep the below points in minds. Keep your reader in mind when creating a good ad. One can keep testing different ads and check which method creates maximum sales.

One should not make a plan to run only one ad and get instant traffic.

Keep a track of the competitors as well. There will be many businesses out there which are selling their products on free classified ads site. If you find some good competition, then the classified website is a good place for advertisement.

Gathering up the right audience will take time and patience. If you keep running your ads constantly your brand becomes known and trusted to the target audience. Once that is done, people will be sure that you are not an overnight company and plan to stay here for a long time.