The Classic Old American Diner Makes a Comeback


To say the American Diner is making a comeback you would have to assume that it had gone away in the first place. Well that is not really the case as diners have been around for well over one hundred years and never really went anywhere. The problem is that they just got overshadowed over the last thirty to forty years by shopping malls and modern technology.

The 50’s and 60’s were very different times regarding the habits of young people but one thing that all kids from all generations have in common is that they all had their places where they went to “hang out” and meet up with their friends. The shopping malls of today have become the place for kids to meet, have a cheeseburger, see a movie and, of course, cruise around and see who you would run into.

In the 50’s and the 60’s the place to meet friends and see if you could run into that girl you wanted to ask out was the diner. You could order up the cheeseburger, soda and ice cream and, while you couldn’t watch a movie, you could put a coin into the jukebox and listen to your favorite tunes and even have a dance. Today the kids send messages and listen to music on their mobile phones, but in the glory days of the diners the kids could swap notes between the tables. The pen and paper was the communication devise of the day and was all you needed when you were too bashful to go in person to the other table and ask the pretty girl if she wanted to meet you at the counter for an ice cream. (more…)