Tendayads – A Digital Goods Marketplace

Digital Marketplace

Online presence is quickly picking up the pace not only among small organizations and start-ups but among individuals as well. Having a business on the digital goods marketplace on the web can boost up your revenues like anything. There are millions of people using the internet nowadays which can be an excellent source of finding potential customers to your business. 10dayads.com is one of such fabulous online marketplaces where sellers and buyers can interact with each other easily. It is a free classified website where people interested in buying or selling things online can meet with each other with no cost involved.

About 10Dayads.com

As stated earlier, it is common place to exchange goods between buyers and sellers. It is one of the best classified sites on the web that offers a wide range of categories available for those interested in posting advertisements about their business. If you visit the website, you can find sub-categories as well which are beautifully organized on the website and it becomes very easy for the user to find the right category where you can place ads.

Tendayads for Sellers

Sellers who do not own their website can find it advantageous to register themselves on the website and advertise their business goods and services online. This online presence would definitely help them to promote their products and increase their sales. Apart from this, the sellers who already have online presence can also benefit from posting ads on this website as they are able to gain extra revenue from running their ads here. Hence, all kinds of sellers from any business can create their profiles on the website and start posting ads with no cost at all.

Tendayads for Buyers

10DayAds is not only suitable for sellers but offers great advantages to buyers as well. Anyone who likes to buy a product from one of the categories such as furniture, phone, appliance etc. or anybody who is interested in availing services, for example, graphic designing services, legal services, business opportunities etc., can visit the particular category to buy these products or services. The most exemplary thing about 10DayAds is that you find so many sub-categories to choose from that the website appeals you a lot whether you a buyer or a seller.

Product Categories at 10DayAds

Several categories including sub-categories are available on the website. Antiques & collectibles, employment, music/records/CDs, appliances, art, fashion and others are the main broad categories from where you can find sub-categories as well. For example, under the electronics main category, you can find audio, batteries, gadgets, GPS, industrial etc. as the sub-categories to choose from in order to place your ad well. Let’s say, you want to sell your gadget online. You can first go to electronics category and under that, click on gadgets and then post your advertisements. The one who is interested in buying a gadget will click on that link and can easily find the one he is interested in.

Features for Buyers and Sellers

10DayAds has several well-organized features that create a wonderful online market platform for all types of audiences. The first and most important feature is that it you can post your ad not only in the text form along with pictures but you can include video also along with the ad. Adding video is not a commonly found feature in classified websites and this is why it makes the difference for the users of this website. Another unique feature about this online market interface is that sellers are able to get feedbacks also from the buyers who can rate their availed service or purchased product. After receiving good star rating about your business, your chances of gaining more customers get increased because when they see star rating and good feedback given by previous buyers, they build trust for the sellers. Thus, it is a good interface for doing business online and getting yourself promoted as a seller.

Advantages to Sell/Buy Digital Goods on 10DayAds

10DayAds offers an outstanding platform to sell or buy the digital goods online. The biggest advantage of trading at this website is that it is absolutely 100% free to post ads on this website. As compared to the other classified sites where users also have to purchase premium plans to post advertisements and they offer very limited features for posting free ads, 10DayAds is completely free and charges no money from either buyer or seller. Another great thing is that it provides 100% satisfaction to the users whether they are buyers or sellers.

One of the challenges that sellers face is that since the traffic to classified website is not high, sellers are not able to attract enough customers. But 10DayAds is such a sell/buy digital goods website that it lets you to connect to the online users on a global platform where your posted ads get viewed by thousands of users online. The website of 10DayAds attracts new visitors on a daily basis with huge traffic from across the globe. So, this is an extremely big advantage for the users that they can do business with not only local people but internationally as well.

Other than this, sellers are able to post not only in one location but they can post the same ad to multiple locations to increase visibility of their business. This is actually one of the common hurdles faced by sellers that they though want to expand the area where they want to post ads in order to attract more customers but they are unable to do so since they get a drop down menu on the website where they can choose only one location. But 10DayAds overcomes this hurdle by allowing the sellers to post in multiple locations at once without having to post the ads again and again for different locations.

On the whole, 10DayAds is just the right website to explore if you are a seller or a buyer and you should definitely take more and more advantage of it by registering on this website since it is completely free of cost.