The Tips to Make Money with Classified Ads

Your classified ads website can become your cash cow. It gives you a chance to make money effortlessly. All you need is to understand how to monetize it and reap maximum benefits from it by turning it into an autopilot money maker. You will need to integrate monetization tools to your website.

Classified Ads

  • Ask For Featured Ads Fees

Though the original idea is to offer advertising space free of charge, the list of items available on the site will be too long. Some items will have to appear on the inner pages, away from automatic view by visitors. This gives you a chance to create featured ads. They are items that appear at the top regardless of the number of new entrants into the category.


Featured ads give you a chance to highlight certain items. They will always appear within the slider, top of search results or categories. This increases their chances of being noticed. For an item to appear on this category, the advertiser is asked to pay.


  • Create a Membership Plan

Membership creates loyalty. It also comes with privileges that are not available to strangers. For instance, if every account is allowed to submit one ad in a month, members can have the privilege to post free ads five or ten times in a month. This gives them more exposure at a fee.


The membership plan could also come with the featured ad package. Ads by members are given prominence on side bars, in their categories, on front pages, etc. To maintain subscription and thus guarantee your revenue, you have to offer a very attractive membership package. This trick will only work is membership is made to be regular.


  • Segment the Website

Segmenting helps you to create a section where ads are free and another where the advertiser has to pay. The free section allows you to attract traffic and more advertisers while the paid section is available at a premium. Such a section could be the most lucrative. If a section is popular, every advertiser will want to feature there. This competition gives you a perfect chance to take advantage of the competition.


To make such a segment lucrative, you need to think of incentives. They could include being featured at the top of the bar, the first page, top of a category, etc. It could also include a better customer experience compared to other sections. The idea is to give the advertiser the best value when he or she places an item on this segment.


  • Sell Banner Ads

This idea works best for websites that are industry specific. Such sites attract a lot of deliberate and high quality traffic. This gives you a chance to sell space to persons outside the website. This is a chance to make money without getting it from the persons who advertise. It will keep your adverts free and thus enable you generate more traffic.


  • Consider PPC Ads

There are areas on your website that will be unused. The white or plain spaces can be utilized for advertisers to post free ads in USA. This is one of the simplest monetization solutions. Some of the ads in this category include AdSense by Google. This is an option that will give you decent income on daily basis.


To benefit through PPC advertising, you must have enough high quality traffic. The option works best for websites targeting a particular niche. A person landing on your site must be searching for a particular product or service. This increases the possibility of clicking on the ads displayed on your website.


Selling the site is a long term plan but can bring a windfall when it is time to cash in on your effort. The idea is to establish dominance in your field to the point that you can be recognized. When you feel that your site is ready for sale, advertise it with your traffic details. There are entrepreneurs waiting to buy established websites at an excellent price.